Afro Hair Transplant in Turkey

Afro Hair transplant in turkey

Afro Hair Transplant

Since the nature of the afro hair follicles are curly, decreasing the possibility of ingrown hair and maximizing the quality of the implants require great expertise. Remedy Istanbul medical team is experienced and specialized in hair transplantation operations. Braids and weaves are two of the main causes of hair loss along with, stress, nutritional deficiency, regularly used medications, and genetic heritage. When it comes to hair loss in the afro style of hair, it is observed that men suffer from hair loss much more than women. Over the years, many techniques are used in afro hair transplantation and depending on the quality of the scalp and number of grafts that will be collected follicular unit extraction is observed to give the best and the most natural-looking results.


Aftercare Package

All Remedy Istanbul hair transplant patients receive a 6-month hair transplant package worth 440€!

Why Choose Remedy Istanbul for your afro hair transplant in Turkey?

Afro hair follicles have specific differences to Caucasian or Asian hair, which makes it very important to consult a clinic with expert knowledge and experience over similar procedures. Remedy Istanbul medical team operates tens of afro hair transplant procedures monthly, that is why choosing Remedy Istanbul will maximize your benefit from your afro hair transplant in Turkey.

Even though the technique used will be the same, due to follicle characteristics, the procedure will be operated differently. Afro hair follicles curl underneath the skin as well. This means, follicles take more space and require larger incisions while transplanting them.

Adjusting to the differences could be challenging, but the experience of the Remedy Istanbul medical team and consultancy team will ease the process as possible for you. To plan your treatment, and get more information please get in touch with us.

Quick Overview of your DHI hair transplant in Turkey

Name of the procedure: Afro hair transplant

Duration of the procedure: Depending on the number of the grafts, 4-7 hours

 Anesthesia: Local, sedation is also used in some cases

Side Effects: Minor bleeding, infection, itchiness, numbness, and swelling around the transplanted areas

Recovery: Full recovery takes a year. But after the first two weeks, all the side effects are expected to be gone.

Results: It takes a year to see the full results. However, after the 6month mark, you can see 70-80% of the full result

Technique: FUE or FUT(Extremely Rare)

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What Do You Need to Do For Your Afro Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

As a market-leading company, Remedy Istanbul aims to find and offer the best treatment plan for your hair transplantation needs. That is why we provide all-inclusive packages for your hair transplantation inquiry that contains the procedure, accommodation, VIP transfers and personally assigned host.  All you need to do is to get in touch with us at the beginning. You will be asked questions about your expectations and medical history for the initial assessment. Then you will kindly be asked to provide a series of pictures of your head which will be evaluated by the Remedy Istanbul medical team. After the medical assessment is complete, we will provide you a treatment plan and quotation. Once you agree on the terms, your trip to Istanbul will be arranged and all the necessary reservations will be made. That is all for your part, the rest is taken care of by experienced Remedy Istanbul team.

afro hair transplant packages

Standart Afro Hair Transplant Package



3 Nights accommodation in A11 Hotel Ataşehir

Medical team over 15 years of experience

Full breakfast at the hotel

Blood tests and doctor check-up

JCI Accredited hospital

All medications


Airport transfers with VIP Mercedes Vito

Other Services

Regular follow-up and aftercare by Remedy Istanbul Esthetic Clinic's medical team for 1 year

A hostes who speak your language assigned



VIP Afro Hair Transplant Package



3 Nights accommodation in Wyndham Grand Kalamış Hotel

Medical team over 15 years of experience

Full breakfast at the hotel

Blood tests and doctor check-up

JCI Accredited hospital

All medications


Other Services

Airport transfers with VIP Mercedes Vito

Hotel to clinic, clinic to hotel transfers with Remedy Istanbul Esthetic Clinic's VIP cars

Regular follow-up and aftercare by Remedy Istanbul Esthetic Clinic's medical team for 1 year

A hostes who speak your language assigned

1 Session massage at hotel's spa

Turkish dinner in a luxury restaurant (Şazeli Restaurant)



Frequently Asked Questions

For how long do I have to use the vitamins?

You are advised to use them for 6 months. But you should reductively stop taking them.

Does smoking harm the follicles?

Yes. Smokers are observed to have a tougher and more unsuccessful recovery process. Even if you are a smoker, consider taking a break for at least a month.

Is there any way to fasten the healing process?

You can consider having either one of them; PRP, mesotherapy, laser treatment, and ozone treatment to fasten your process. They are all proven helpful in the hair transplant recovery process.

Can I have another hair transplant if the first one is failed?

Of course you can. Sometimes patients have more balding spots than the harvested follicles can fill. Even though it happens rarely, it is possible.

If the surgery is harder to operate, does this mean I will experience a tougher recovery?

Absolutely not. As explained above, your aftercare process will be the same. Even though the incisions are a bit larger than usual, it does not affect the rehabilitation process.

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Afro hair transplant aftercare process

Afro Hair Transplant Aftercare Process

After your operation ends, your aftercare process starts. Aftercare is the most critical phase in hair transplant operations. Patients who follow the surgeon’s post-operative instructions are expected to have a better healing process and better results in a shorter time. Let’s take a look at your aftercare process in terms of your responsibilities and possible outcomes.

On the procedure day, your host will present you with complimentary medical supplies such as foam, shampoo, spray, vitamins, and a cushion. Also, anti-swelling and painkiller pills will be provided to you. You are prescribed to use them until they are finished.

You are asked to use the protective cushion for 15 days after the surgery to protect the donor area from complications. Also, the second day after the surgery Remedy Istanbul medical team will wash your hair for the first time. After that, you are expected to wash your hair gently with the foam you are given.

On the 10th day after your surgery, if you are still in Turkey, Remedy Istanbul medical team will arrange another consultation to remove your scabs. If you already went back to your country, the foam will make the scabs get softer and they will shed within a few days.

On the 15th day, you can stop using the cushion and start using shampoo while washing your head. If you want a faster recovery in terms of skin rashes and itchiness, you can use oily ointments to soften and moist the area.

At the first month anniversary, your host will get in touch with you to see if everything is going well for you. You will be asked to send a couple of pictures taken from different angles. Your medical team will evaluate your recovery process.

At the second month anniversary after your hair transplant in Turkey, you will start using the spray on your transplanted areas. This spray will enhance the healing process while strengthening the newly transplanted follicles. Around the second month, patients can observe growing of the transplanted hair. However, the transplanted hair will fall a couple of times before growing up permanently. This is called shock loss. It is highly normal and expected.

In the sixth month after your hair transplant in Turkey, you will see approximately 70% of the final result. But the full recovery takes around a year in most of the patients. Your host will be in touch with you at your six-month anniversary also.

On the first anniversary, your host will call you to evaluate your final results. Keep in mind that transplanted hair follicles are located permanently, so you will not experience another hair loss.

During this one-year aftercare process after your hair transplant in Turkey, you can ask for additional treatments from your Remedy Istanbul medical consultant. PRP and mesotherapy injections are the most popular ones among them. Moreover, laser treatments and ozone treatments are also considered as helpful in terms of a faster and healthier recovery. Please get in touch with your Remedy Istanbul host or consultant to find the best enhancing treatment option for your needs.

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