Body Hair Transplant in Turkey

Body hair transplant turkey

Body Hair Transplant 

If you are looking for a body hair transplant in Turkey, it is important to look at the main reasons behind hair loss. Loss of hair either in the entire body or more like in a local area can be caused by several reasons such as;

Genetic heritage: If your tendency is high by your genes, hair loss can occur any part of your body, from scalp to beard/mustache, chest and more. 

Stress is another reason why people face the problem of hair loss. Changes in eating habits, illness and unexpected changes in the weight decrease the quality of the hair. 

Regularly used medications or malnutrition are other reasons that lie behind this problem. Sadly, some of the patients are unavailable for hair transplant operations if hair loss is caused by medications. When it comes to malnourishment, deficiency of vitamins A, B-12, C&D, zinc and iron accelerates the hair loss. 


Aftercare Package

All Remedy Istanbul hair transplant patients receive a 6-month hair transplant package worth 440€!

How to plan your body hair transplant in Turkey with Remedy Istanbul?

Planning your treatment with Remedy Istanbul is as easy as it can be. All you need to do is to initiate contact with one of our expert medical consultants. You will be guided through all the process and have the opportunity to customize your service as you prefer.

In the beginning, our medical team will ask for a couple of pictures taken from different angles to evaluate your current status and plan the best treatment according to your needs. The online consultation and the quotation take a maximum of 2 business days, depending on the workload of the medical team. To ensure that we provide the best treatment plan for you, we consult several surgeons.

After your treatment plan is determined, you can tell us your preferred surgery dates. According to the availability, we strive to make the reservation for your most suitable dates. Then, we will be waiting for you to send us your flight information. Following that, your hotel accommodations, in-city VIP transfer, and hosting services will be provided to you.

To complete the reservations, you will be asked to make 20% of the total price as a deposit payment. After completing the payment, all your reservations and surgery date will be withheld for you.

Quick Overview of your body hair transplant in Turkey

Name of the procedure: Body hair transplant

Duration of the procedure: Depending on the number of the grafts, 4-7 hours

 Anesthesia: Local

Side Effects: Minor bleeding, infection, itchiness, numbness, and swelling around the transplanted areas

Recovery: Full recovery takes a year. But after the first two weeks, all the side effects are expected to be gone.

Results: It takes a year to see the full results. However, after the 6month mark, you can see 70-80% of the full result

Technique: Fue

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Body hair transplant result

What to expect from a Body Hair Transplant with Remedy Istanbul? 

The technique that will be used in your body hair transplant in Turkey is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). As the nature of the procedure, the hair will be collected from the back of your head and can be transplanted into numerous areas such as; chest, abdomen, armpits, pubic area and more. 

Other than your surgery, Remedy Istanbul will offer you all-inclusive packages. Each of Remedy Istanbul’s valued guests will be offered comprehensive services such as;

  • Accommodation for 2 nights 

  • Private transfers 

  • Hosting services

  • 12-month aftercare program 

5 Steps: Getting Body Hair Transplant In Turkey With Remedy Istanbul

step 1

Day of the procedure;

Your personally assigned Remedy Istanbul host will welcome you at the hospital. Before your operation, blood tests and covid antibody tests will be done. After your test results came within the accepted range, you will have a face to face consultation with your surgeon.

You can ask all your questions during this consultation. The surgeon will examine your scalp overall, which means looking for the double grafted follicles, analyzing the scalp type and density of transplantation on preferred areas.

This consultation will last until you agree to the treatment plan. Then, the medical team will prepare you for the operation.

Establishing vascular excess, shaving the hair, and sterilizing the operation room are some of the preparations you will experience.

step 2
step 3

Your operation will last between 4-7 hours, depending on the number of the graft will be transplanted.

After harvesting follicles from your donor area, you will have a lunch break. In the meantime, extracted follicles will rest in organ transplant liquid to contain its form.

In the second part of the procedure, harvested grafts will be transplanted in the preferred areas. The natural angle of the hair follicles will be taken into consideration while transplanting them for a more natural look.

After your hair transplant operation with Remedy Istanbul, your host will explain to you the post-operative instructions and present you with the necessary medical equipment and medications. Then you will be accompanied to your hotel with a VIP transfer.

step 4
step 5

The day after the surgery;

You are expected to avoid physical activity as much as you can in order not to hurt newly transplanted grafts. You can spend the day in your comfortable hotel room.


The second day after the surgery;

Remedy Istanbul medical team will be waiting for you at the hospital for your first washing session. You will be able to see and learn the tips on how you are expected the wash your hair.


The third day after the surgery;

You can go back to your country if you would like. There is no need for a medical team intervention anymore. However, if you plan to stay for more than ten days in Tukey, on the 10th day, you can have your scab removing session. If not, do not worry. The foam given to you will soften the scab so they can fall by themselves while washing.

body hair transplant packages

Standart Body Hair Transplant Package



3 Nights accommodation in A11 Hotel Ataşehir

Medical team over 15 years of experience

Full breakfast at the hotel

Blood tests and doctor check-up

JCI Accredited hospital

All medications


Airport transfers with VIP Mercedes Vito

Other Services

Regular follow-up and aftercare by Remedy Istanbul Esthetic Clinic's medical team for 1 year

A hostes who speak your language assigned



VIP Body Hair Transplant Package



3 Nights accommodation in Wyndham Grand Kalamış Hotel

Medical team over 15 years of experience

Full breakfast at the hotel

Blood tests and doctor check-up

JCI Accredited hospital

All medications


Other Services

Airport transfers with VIP Mercedes Vito

Hotel to clinic, clinic to hotel transfers with Remedy Istanbul Esthetic Clinic's VIP cars

Regular follow-up and aftercare by Remedy Istanbul Esthetic Clinic's medical team for 1 year

A hostes who speak your language assigned

1 Session massage at hotel's spa

Turkish dinner in a luxury restaurant (Şazeli Restaurant)



Frequently Asked Questions

How is my body hair transplant being different than a hair transplant?

It is not different at all. Your donor area remains the same, yet the transplanted area is different. All the recovery and surgery processes are the same.

Where are donor follicles are collected from?

Your donor area is the back of your head. Follicles are collected from there since they are the most durable grafts genetically.

What kind of tests are done before the operation?

After a general examination, Remedy Istanbul medical team will do a complete blood count and Covid-19 test. If the results are within reasonable ranges, you will undergo your hair transplant surgery in Turkey. 

What are the benefits of FUE technology?

FUE allows our medical team to operate through smaller incisions. Smaller incisions mean faster recovery in both transplanted and the donor area. Also, it allows giving a more natural look in terms of controllable angle and the depth of the newly transplanted follicles.

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body hair transplant aftercare process

Body Hair Transplant Aftercare Process

In Remedy Istanbul, all hair transplant procedures are operated by expert medical teams and take place in a JCI accredited clinic where only FDA approved medical equipment is used. Since prioritizing your satisfaction over everything, a personally assigned host will be your guide through the process.  Your service does not end after your surgery with Remedy Istanbul. We want to make sure everything is going according to the plan for you. During this time, you can reach out to us for any concern, side effect or unexpected experience. That is why your personally assigned host will be in touch with you until the full recovery and hair growth happened.  Everything is under control and taken care of by the Remedy Istanbul team for your satisfaction, health, and happiness. 

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