Composite Filling Turkey

Composite filling in Turkey

          A cavity is a hole that destroys the tooth partially, even completely sometimes. Since the bacteria will remain in the tooth, it may spread and harm other teeth unless it is treated properly. Removing the decay is not enough to cure the area. That is why composite fillings are made.

          Many different materials are used in composite filling treatments. Despite being outmoded many dentists still use silver amalgam or glass ionomer, but in Remedy Istanbul all the composite fillings are made with composite resin.

First, the dentist will numb the decayed tooth via local anesthesia injection. This injection will numb the tooth, gums, and jaw around the teeth. Once it is confirmed that you are feeling numb, the treatment begins.

          The dental drill is used to remove the decay. After the dentist removes the decay and makes the tooth ready for the treatment, fillings are placed with a special method.

          Composite resin is the newest and the most advanced technologies in the composite filling. These fillings can replicate the color of the teeth and last up to 15 years depending on the oral hygiene of the patient. The better oral hygiene patient has, the longer composite resins will last.

          During the application, the composite resin is in paste form therefore it covers the hole caused by the cavity easily. After the paste is placed and shaped according to the tooth, bright ultraviolet lights are used to harden them. This procedure is fast, safe and very effective. Ultimately, composite resin fillings fill in the cavity, look natural, and restore tooth functionality very effectively.

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