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For accommodation, transfers and other optional services, please fill below.

(Remedy Istanbul provides airport transfers and host services for free)

  • For rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, breast reduction, breast uplift and breast enlargement treatments minimum 6 nights of accommodation at hotel is needed.

  • For brazilian butt lift, liposuction, breast lipofilling, 2 pack and 6 pack treatments minimum 5 nights of accommodation at hotel is needed.

  • For gynaecomastia treatment minimum 4 nights of accommodation at hotel is needed.

  • Remedy Istanbul Esthetic Clinic provides 1 night of accommodation at hospital for all treatments.

Wyndham Grand Kalamış Hotel
A11 Hotel Ataşehir

Wyndham Grand Kalamış

A11 Ataşehir

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Room Type




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You can rent Remedy Istanbul Esthetic Clinic vip vehicles with a driver to reach the clinic. 

  • Our patients who choose to stay in a11 hotel will not need a transfer to reach the clinic.

Do you want to rent a vip car with a driver for clinic transfers

remedy istanbul dental vip car


Şazeli Restaurant

Spa Package

If you like to have a massage or taste amazing environment of Turkish Hamam, you can choose spa package which can be served in both hotels. The package includes a massage session you desire.

A11 Hotel Spa


Şazeli Restaurant is one of the best breakfast and dinner restaurants in Turkey.

By choosing to have a breakfast in here, you can enjoy the most famous breakfast of Turkey " Van Breakfast ". 

By choosing to have a dinner here, you can enjoy perfect meat of Turkey from Gaziantep city.

Breakfast in Şazeli Restaurant

Dinner in Şazeli Restaurant

Wyndham Grand Kalamış Spa


A11 Hotel Spa Package

Wyndham Grand Kalamış Spa Package

The package prepared in line with your choices will be sent to your e-mail address and whatsapp line within  maximum of 4 hours. In the proposal to be sent, the prices of each option together with the total price will be informed to you and can be rearranged according to your request.

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