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dental crowns in turkey

Dental crowns are applied to reconstruct the teeth to their normal shape, size, and function. Crowns are made to enhance the strength of the teeth while improving their appearance. Despite being applied mostly for aesthetic reasons, sometimes they are applied to; cavities that are too large for filling, cracked, chipped and damaged teeth and, protecting the root canal

        Several different materials are used in crowns such as resin composite, ceramics, metal alloys, zirconium, and porcelain. The material will be picked according to the patients’ preference, the color of the tooth, the position of the gum and, the location and function of the teeth.

               The material will be picked by patients’ preference and dentist’s guidance. After the initial assessment, the dentist will inform the patient about the possible treatment plans that include options for dental crown materials.

        The implementation of dental crowns shows great similarities to the application of dental veneers. They both need a bacteria-free environment to start the treatment. Following this procedure, crowns are applied to the tooth and bonded with dental cement. Ultraviolet lights are used to harden the cement and finalize the treatment.

Who Should Choose Dental Crowns Treatment?

 Who are the most suitable candidates for dental crown treatment in Turkey?

Dental crowns are applied to protect the existing teeth and to provide a healthier and more aesthetic look to patients’ smiles.

That is why, if you have;

  • Tooth decay

  • Cracked teeth

  • Tooth discoloration

  • Missing teeth

  • Root canal

You can consider the dental crown application. Patients with good overall dental health are considered as the most suitable candidates for this application 

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5 Steps: Getting Dental Crown Treatment In Turkey With Remedy Istanbul

step 1

On the first day at the dentist;

Your personally assigned Remedy Istanbul host will welcome you at the hospital. Your treatment will begin with a general examination. If you need dental implants too, you will take a dental panoramic x-ray to start your treatment. After that, your teeth will be cut smaller for the dental crowns to fit. During the cutting process, your dentist will extract the necessary tooth or operate a filling treatment. The procedure takes approximately 2 hours if the number of crowns is greater than 10-15. Following the teeth re-sizing, you will experience minor ache and sensibility, which are normal and expected. Painkillers and other necessary medications will be provided to you. Also, you will wait for a couple of hours to eat or drink.

On the second day at the dentist;

A temporary set of teeth will be placed to protect your newly re-sized teeth and enable you to eat and drink normally. These teeth are made according to your jaw size which is taken on the first day. As usual, you are expected to avoid consuming solid or liquid food for a couple of hours. During this day, your expert Remedy Istanbul dentist will take measurements for your permanent teeth. You will choose the color between the color scale and describe your preferred look to the dentist.

step 2
step 3

On the third day;

As your permanent teeth are being produced, you can enjoy the beautiful city. There are many touristic places, natural wonders, and shopping opportunities. You can ask your personally assigned Remedy Istanbul host for more pass-time activities in Istanbul.

On the fourth day;

The first rehearsal of your permanent teeth will take place on the fourth day. Even though they are made according to your requests and demands, you can change the look them. You can ask for your permanent teeth to be shorter, longer, wider, or even brighter.

step 4
step 5

On the fifth day;

Your teeth will be prepared for your final rehearsal. According to your preferences, the dental team of Remedy Istanbul will prepare your teeth. After displacing your temporary ones, your dentist will place the permanent teeth one by one and cement them to your recently re-sized teeth with special adhesive cream. After the binding is over, your dentist will check the teeth by doing some tests such as a biting test. You will be asked to open and close your mouth for the dentist to observe the movement and placement of the teeth. Even though it is rare, sometimes small touches can be made to provide a healthier and better-looking set of teeth. As usual, you should avoid eating and drinking for a couple of hours to let the adhesive cream to dry.

In this way, you reach your dream smile and dental health within five days. Also, keep in mind, your teeth are under the guarantee of Remedy Istanbul. It means if the case of any unwanted occurrences, you can come back to Istanbul and get your teeth fixed for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do dental crowns last?

On average dental crowns last between 5-15 years. The life span of a crown depends on the amount of wearing it is exposed to, and how the patient practice oral hygiene. If you take good care of your crowns, it will last more than 15 years as well.

Do my crowns require special care?

You can keep practicing your regular oral hygiene before since the crowns do not require special care. Brushing twice a day and flossing are recommended to protect the original teeth and gum as well as the crowns

Will crowns feel different?

At the first day you had them, yes. As time goes you will get used to them and feel as if they are your teeth. Since the shape and the look changes, it takes patients to adjust their crowns a bit.

Can crowns discolor?

Crowns are made to protect their shape and color even with slight dental care. If you brush your teeth and floss as before, you do not have to worry about your crowns being discolored.

What are the advantages of the crown over my existing teeth?

If you have somehow broken, chipped or discolored teeth, crowns are made to provide a healthier and more aesthetic look to these teeth. Apart from being more durable than your damaged one, the crown also looks better in terms of shape and color.

I can not choose between the crown and veneer. Which one is more suitable for me?

Even though being almost the same thing, both crowns and veneers have advantages over one another. The best option for your interests should be picked in a doctor’s consultation to be able to decide on both health and aesthetic related reasons.

Which material dental crowns are made of?

Crowns can be made from a variety of different materials including zirconium, metal, porcelain fused to metal, and 100% porcelain/ceramic. This means that there is usually at least one type of crown that is suitable for every patient. In Remedy Istanbul we recommend zirconium crowns which are more durable and provides a more natural and aesthetic look. You can get in touch with your Remedy Istanbul medical consultant to find out which type of crown is more suitable according to your needs.

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