Dental Implants in Turkey

Operation: Dental Implant

Duration of the Procedure: Up to 9 days (2 sessions)

Anesthesia: Local

Risk: Pain, Sensitive Gums

Recovery Time: Up to 9 Weeks

Back to business: Same Day

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Dental Implants in Turkey Overview

Dental Implant is an artificial tooth treatment based on replacing the original tooth with metal roots and screw-like posts. Missing one or more teeth is the main reason why people have dental implant treatment. Titanium is used in dental implant treatments, but sometimes similar materials that can hold onto to jawbone can be used.

The dental implant treatment process is prepared and applied in a unique way to every patient, therefore patients’ medical history and a comprehensive dental examination are essential to be able to find the best treatment plan. Generally, people with a strong jawbone alongside with good oral tissue health are considered as the best and most suitable patients for this treatment.

Dental implant procedures have a high success rate depending on the patients’ habits. Bad habits such as smoking and consuming other kinds of tobacco products are the main reasons why bones fail to fuse sufficiently into the jawbone. That is why patients are asked to practice oral hygiene and stay away from harmful habits as much as they can. Also, after the dental implant procedure patients are asked to see a dentist regularly.

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Who Should Choose Dental Implant Treatment?

Patients with good overall health;

To be considered as a suitable candidate for dental implant treatment, patients should have healthy teeth and gums to increase the success of the treatment. Also, patients who suffer from an autoimmune disorder or uncontrolled diabetes should reconsider having dental implant treatment since these conditions can interfere with the success of the treatment and the healing process. Since smoking harms the osseointegration, the ideal implant patient is considered as a non-smoker or willing to stop smoking altogether. 


Patients with good bone density;

When getting in touch with Remedy Istanbul medical team, patients learn more about the dental implant process. A complete dental history of the patient will be asked alongside a panoramic dental x-ray. This application is essential to identify the possible interfering aspects of the patients’ dental implant treatment in Turkey. Remedy Istanbul oral surgeons need to confirm that the patient has enough bone density and a healthy bone structure to support the dental implants. If not, patients are informed about the possible bone graft procedure which is applied to the jaw bones during the implantation to form a more durable and strong structure. 


Patients missing one or more teeth;

The number of implants needed by the patient depends on the overall health of the teeth and jaw structure. While some patients need one implant, some need multiple ones for the reasons listed above. If the number of the implant needed is more than one, alternative implant treatments can be presented to the patients, such as implant bridges. At the end of the dental implant process, prosthetic teeth will be placed above the implant anchors. 


If you can relate to the article above, get in touch with your Remedy Istanbul medical consultant today. You can learn more about the dental implant applications as well as your suitability. Keep in mind that Remedy Istanbul provides free online consultations for your dental treatments in Turkey. 

Itinerary for Your Implant Treatment in Turkey

Day 1 – Initial assessment and Pre-Implantation treatments

Your personally assigned Remedy Istanbul host will be waiting for you at the hospital for your initial consultation as well as all the other steps. During this consultation, your Remedy Istanbul oral surgeon will finalize the treatment plan. In some cases, patients are observed to need tooth extractions, root canal, and composite filling treatments. Depending on your availability, your initial treatment will begin on the first day of your dental implant treatment in Turkey. 


Day 2- Implant placements 


Your implant placements can be done on the second or the third day of your trip to Turkey. Pre-implantation treatments are the most important factor while deciding it. If you do not need any pre-implantation treatment or you can heal within a shorter time, your oral surgeon will place the implants on the second day. In some cases, patients are required to wait up to a week to be considered ready for implant placement surgery. 


The implant will be placed into your gum and jawbone directly. The area will be cleaned and stitched to enhance the healing for the upcoming steps of your dental implant treatment in Turkey. 


** After the implant placement you can go back to your home. The healing process takes approximately 3-6 months. Implants must fully bond with the jawbone and become a natural part of your mouth. Your oral surgeon will assess your situation and plan further steps before you go back to your country. **


Day 3 – Abutment Placement 


The abutment is what your permanent implant will attach to. This process includes folding back the gum tissue, placing the abutment, and placing a temporary tooth to protect the mouth and enhance the healing. 


Day 4- Placing the final implant restoration 


After your abutment has been placed, you will come to the dentist for the final step of your dental implant treatment in Turkey. Your Remedy Istanbul oral surgeon will replace the temporary tooth and place the permanent one to complete the treatment. The final step of the treatment is no different from crown/veneer treatments. 


This itinerary is written to explain what you should expect from your dental implant treatment in Turkey, step by step. The treatment schedule will change from the patient to the patient since the implantation requires a personally arranged treatment plan. Therefore, before considering coming to Turkey for your dental implant treatment, please get in touch with one of the expert Remedy Istanbul medical team professionals to plan your treatment. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the success rate of dental implants?

It varies from patient to patient in terms of their overall health and habits. For a healthy candidate, dental implants have a reported success rate of 90-95%. 

Do dental implants last?

Patients will not have dental diseases such as decay or cavity on their implanted teeth. However, maintaining good gum health is a very important factor that affects the overall situation of the implants. As long as the patients maintain good gum health and practice dental hygiene, implants will stay permanently. 

Are dental implants removable?

Unlike dentures, implants are fused to the bone of the patients. Other than health-related problems, they can not be removed. 

Is there an age limit for the treatment?

As long as the patients meet the requirements, they can have dental implant treatment. Elderly people can have it, provided no risk factors for them, and young people can have it if their jawbone is fully developed. 

Is the procedure painful?

The procedure does not start until the patient is fully under local anesthesia. Therefore, the procedure is expected to be painless. Also, painkillers and other necessary medications will be provided to alleviate the pain. 

What is the approximate duration of this treatment?

While depending on the patients’ dental health condition, dental implant treatments are projected to be done within 4-8 months. 

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