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Jasmine L.

I needed dental implants for the last couple of years, but the prices were very high here. I finally found Remedy Istanbul who I can trust. Now I am very happy with my implants and saved a good amount of money.


Matt T.

Best selection for veneers! I had major dissatisfaction about the look of my teeth. Everything is finished within 5 days. The clinic was great, the dentist was great, and the hosting team was great.


Fatima P.

 I was in Istanbul for a business trip and needed a dental bleaching. The Remedy Istanbul team was very responsive, and they organized it for me very quick. I am very satisfied with the looks. My smile never looked this bright!


Giovanni S.

  I was looking for a full set of veneers, therefore needed a trustable team. Remedy Istanbul hosting team and dentists took care of me very well. I didn’t expect this good of a service with that price. Totally recommending it.


Agathe P.

That’s what I call a great Hollywood Smile Design. I consulted Remedy Istanbul for my smile design request. After I arrived in İstanbul they cook care of me well and my process took only 5 days. Everything was beyond my expectation, great choice!