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About Remedy Istanbul

Who we are?


                Remedy Istanbul is a medical tourism company established and located in Istanbul, Turkey. We believe that our patients around the world deserve the best treatment from veteran doctors of Turkey. Therefore, we provide ‘Professional Healthcare with Fair Prices’ on a wide range of services. With our expert consultancy and medical team, we provide comprehensive premium healthcare services to enable our patients to get the most natural-looking and permanent results.

                We believe that approaching patients’ medical tourism needs in a comprehensive manner is important. With top quality service providers, we provide services that includes VIP transfers, accommodation and hosting services. With this way, we aim to enhance our patients’ experience with Remedy Istanbul.


                Every single detail about the services provided is planned and applied with professional and detail-oriented manner in Remedy Istanbul. Expert consultants and medical team members are always on time, caring and performing at the highest level.

                We aim to build a trust-based relationship with our patients, therefore prioritize our patients’ satisfaction. That is why we always strive to provide personalized healthcare services. Remedy Istanbul only works with top surgeons and internationally accredited medical centers to ensure the service quality for patients’ well-being and satisfaction.  

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