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tummy tuck in turkey

Tummy Tuck in Turkey

Tummy tuck is a plastic surgery applied for enhancing the appearance of the abdomen area. This surgery is based on removing the excess skin and fat from the abdomen area. People with sagging skin due to pregnancy, abdominal surgeries or aging are the most suitable candidates for a tummy tuck.

During the surgery, abdominal muscles are separated from the skin and stitched to a more narrowed place via two different incisions to enhance the look of the abdomen. As the last step of the surgery, excess skin is removed from the body for a tighter and firmer look.

In the recovery period, drains will be placed to let the excess fluid out of the body for a couple of days. Total recovery is expected within the following 6 weeks after the treatment. Within this period, patients are advised to avoid weary activities and lifting heavy objects. As long as the weight is balanced, results will be permanent and natural-looking.

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