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Native Speaking Host Service

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Kate K.

​I am still in the healing process so I can’t see the full result. So far, everything was highly satisfying especially the patient care is amazing.


Anna P.

My BBL result is exactly what I expected. The recovery process went better than I hoped. I got aftercare for a year which was flawless. Thanks to the Remedy Istanbul team for making my journey way easier for me.


Anissa T.

Finally I have the curve I was looking for! I am very thankful for the service. Everything was thought and taken care of for me.  Totally recommend it!


Charlotte N.

I felt that Remedy Istanbul prioritized my safety and satisfaction over everything. The medical team met all my needs. 3 Months after my surgery, I can say my new look boosted my confidence and I couldn’t be happier.


Camelia P.

I am highly satisfied with the services they provided for me. My medical team did a great job, listened to me all the time and delivered what I expected. My surgery was 7 weeks ago I get more and more satisfied with the result. Thanks for the Remedy Istanbul team to make everything easier for me. I’m so glad I found them.