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Dental Veneers in Turkey

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Dental veneers are applied for aesthetic reasons most of the time. They are thin and natural tooth-colored, the color can be picked by the patient, shell-like materials that cover the teeth. Dental veneers are permanent and made of durable materials such as resin composite or porcelain.

Veneers are seen as an easy way to change the look of a broken, discolored, different-size or chipped tooth. There are no limitations in the application in terms of the number the veneers. Therefore, patients can ask as many as veneers they prefer. The most preferred application is the front 6 to 8 teeth on each plate since it changes the patients’ smile.

The application process of veneers is relatively easy. It starts with cleaning the patients’ teeth since it is important to keep the area bacteria-free. Following the cleaning, the doctor will shape the teeth for veneers to stick them better.

To increase the strength of the veneers, dental cement is used. Ultraviolet lights will help the cement to dry quicker.

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Operation: Dental Veneers

Other Name: Laminate Veneers

Duration of the Procedure: 3 Days

Anesthesia: Local

Risk: Sensitive Gums

Recovery Time: Up to 1 week

Back to business: 5 Days

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About Remedy Istanbul Dental Clinic

We're Remedy Istanbul Dental Clinic

Remedy Istanbul Dental Clinic is a cosmetic dentistry and dental health clinic. We have been serving domestic patients in Istanbul for more than 10 years. To date, we have treated and continue to treat more than 5000 Turkish patients with our professional team.


With our increasing experience, we have added England and France to our service areas.

All treatments at Remedy Istanbul Dental Clinic are given in our reliable clinics by skilled and experienced dentists.

Who are the most suitable candidates for dental veneer treatment in Turkey?

Dental veneers are applied to protect the existing teeth and to provide a healthier and more aesthetic look to patients’ smiles.

That is why, if you have;

  • Tooth decay

  • Cracked teeth

  • Tooth discoloration

  • Missing teeth

  • Root canal

You can consider the dental veneer application. Patients with good overall dental health are considered as the most suitable candidates for this application

Itinerary for Your Dental Veneers Treatment In Turkey

On the first day at the dentist;

Your personally assigned Remedy Istanbul host will welcome you at the dental centre. Your treatment will begin with a general examination. If you need dental implants too, you will take a dental panoramic x-ray to start your treatment. After that, your teeth will be cut smaller for the dental veneers to fit. During the cutting process, your dentist will extract the necessary tooth or operate a filling treatment. Also, our dentists will provide root canal treatments. Cutting teeth is the operation that needs the most attention. If it is not done correctly, it is certain that you will have problems with your teeth in the long run. Therefore, as Remedy Istanbul, we do not employ any doctor who has less than 10 years of experience in dental cutting in our clinic. The procedure takes approximately 2 hours if the number of veneers is greater than 10-15. Following the teeth re-sizing, you will experience minor ache and sensibility, which are normal and expected. Painkillers and other necessary medications will be provided to you. Also, you will wait for a couple of hours to eat or drink.

On the second day at the dentist;

A temporary set of teeth will be placed to protect your newly re-sized teeth and enable you to eat and drink normally. These teeth are made according to your jaw size which is taken on the first day. As usual, you are expected to avoid consuming solid or liquid food for a couple of hours. During this day, your expert Remedy Istanbul dentist will take measurements for your permanent teeth. You will choose the color between the color scale and describe your preferred look to the dentist.

On the third day;

As your permanent teeth are being produced, you can enjoy the beautiful city. There are many touristic places, natural wonders, and shopping opportunities. You can ask your personally assigned Remedy Istanbul host for more pass-time activities in Istanbul.

On the fourth day;

The first rehearsal of your permanent teeth will take place on the fourth day. Even though they are made according to your requests and demands, you can change the look them. You can ask for your permanent teeth to be shorter, longer, wider, or even brighter.

On the fifth day;

Your teeth will be prepared for your final rehearsal. According to your preferences, the dental team of Remedy Istanbul will prepare your teeth. After displacing your temporary ones, your dentist will place the permanent teeth one by one and cement them to your recently re-sized teeth with special adhesive cream. After the binding is over, your dentist will check the teeth by doing some tests such as a biting test. You will be asked to open and close your mouth for the dentist to observe the movement and placement of the teeth. Even though it is rare, sometimes small touches can be made to provide a healthier and better-looking set of teeth. As usual, you should avoid eating and drinking for a couple of hours to let the adhesive cream to dry.

In this way, you reach your dream smile and dental health within five days. Also, keep in mind, your teeth are under the guarantee of Remedy Istanbul. It means if the case of any unwanted occurrences, you can come back to Istanbul and get your teeth fixed for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that veneers look right on me?

In every step of the treatment, you will be asked to pick the size, shape, color, and even the material of the veneers. That is why you will be not surprised once your veneers are put.  Also, after a couple of days, you will get used to them and feel like they are your teeth.

How long do veneers last?

Approximate lifespan of a veneer is 10 years. However, practicing a good oral hygiene routine every day and protect your veneers from the excessive physical force will make your veneers last longer. Patients using the same veneer for decades is not a surprise.

How much are dental veneers?

Dental veneers costs in turkey may vary depending on the type of material used. According to the selected materials costs, Remedy Istanbul Dental clinic consultants will inform you exact prices. Dental veneers turkey prices start from £225. Our pricing policy has been created to offer affordable prices without sacrificing quality.

Will porcelain veneers increase the risk of cavities or tooth decay?

Veneers function just like original teeth, so the general standards for oral hygiene apply. If patients brush their teeth, floss, and visit their dentist for regular teeth cleanings, their risk of developing cavities or tooth decay is significantly decreased due to the protective effect of the veneers.

Will veneers impact my diet?

Since cracks and chips in veneers are rare occurrences, you can keep up your current diet. Chewing hard non-food materials can break your teeth, but all the foods are considered safe.

Will veneers appear whiter than the rest of my teeth?

If you are not having a full set of veneer treatment, the color of veneers will be adjusted to match your existing ones. Some patients prefer a tooth whitening before the veneer treatment to achieve a brighter smile overall.

Will veneers stain?

One of the major advantages of the veneer is, unlike your natural teeth that can become discolored over time, veneers are produced to incredibly stain-free. 

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