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DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey (Direct Hair Transplant)

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Direct Hair Transplant (DHI) is a method produced to optimize the effectiveness of hair transplant procedures. The Choi Implanter Pen is the instrument used in direct hair transplant procedures.  The procedure of direct hair transplant is a lot similar to follicular unit extraction. Hair will be collected from the donor area and will be implanted into projected transplantation zones. But these techniques have some differences as well;

  • In DHI, the application of hair transplantation is direct. Therefore, no need to open canals into the transplanted area. ​

  • Since the extraction and transplantation occur at the same time, the surgery takes less time while comparing to follicular unit extraction. ​

  • DHI enables more density in a small amount of hair loss or small thinned/bald spots, while FUE gives better results in wider areas. ​

  • Scarring is minimized in DHI ​

  • It gives patients an opportunity to have their hair transplantation surgery without shaving. 

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Hair Transplant Prices

We offer hair transplant starting from 1100€

Operation: DHI Hair Transplant

Other Name: Direct Hair Implant

Duration of the Procedure: 6-8 Hours

Anesthesia: Local

Risk: Minor infection

Recovery Time: Up to 1 year

Back to business: 1 Week

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Aftercare Package

All Remedy Istanbul hair transplant patients receive a 6-month hair transplant package worth 440€!