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liposuction in turkey

Liposuction in Turkey

Liposuction is the fat removal surgery from the desired zones of the body.

Despite having a strict diet and exercise routine, some people have excess fat in their body that does not disappear easily.

Liposuction is the best way to get rid of these surplusages.

Most preferred liposuction zones are; hips, thighs, waist, buttocks, and abdomen.

Overall healthy people with above-average weight, firm and elastic skin structure are the most suitable candidates for liposuction.

Sometimes patients with poor skin quality are observed to develop minor skin abnormalities.

Liposuction is neither a weight-loss nor a cellulite treatment.

It only provides a cleaner look to the applied zone.

After liposuction surgery, it is very common that swelling, bruising and itching may occur temporarily.

For a longer-lasting result, patients are highly recommended to maintain their weight stable.

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Operation: Liposuction

Duration of the Procedure: 1-4 Hours

Anesthesia: General

Risk: Minor infection

Recovery Time: 6-8 Weeks

Back to business: 1 Week

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Liposuction Prices

Liposuction Prices

We offer all included vaser liposuction surgery package starting from £2350

What We Offer?

24 hours availability

24/7 Contact Availability

fixed prices

Fixed Prices

jci accredited

JCI Accredited

host service

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back to work in 8 days

Back to work in 8 days

experienced medical team

Experienced Medical team

vip transfers

Airport,clinic,hotel transfers included

What is involved in a Liposuction Surgery with Remedy Istanbul?

  • Liposuction, also known as fat removal, is a very popular aesthetic surgery nowadays. Increasing body weight means increased and accumulated fat cells under the skin which causes disturbing and unwanted look. 

  • Regardless of the daily routines or the diet of the patients, sometimes those excessive fat cells will not go. That is why liposuction is the best option for quick fat removal. Surgery can be operated on in many areas depending on the patients’ preference. The most popular liposuction zones are; Belly, waist, back, legs, arms, and chin.

  • One of the most misunderstood facts about liposuction is being considered as a fat loss operation by many. Yet, liposuction is performed to reshape and correct the body contouring. If looking for a weight loss surgery, patients should consider gastric bypass & balloon or other bariatric treatments such as a gastric sleeve or transit bipartition.

  • With the expert consultancy and medical team of Remedy Istanbul, your liposuction surgery is planned according to your preferences. Before and after doctor consultations, all necessary medical equipment, medications, and all medical and travel-related consultancy will be provided by the Remedy Istanbul team. You will be informed step by step through all the processes and your 1-year aftercare.                                       

Why choose Remedy Istanbul for your Liposuction Surgery in Turkey?

Despite being considered as an ordinary process for most agencies and medical centers, Remedy Istanbul and all contracted medical centers operate your liposuction surgery steps with the high level of delicacy.

Starting from an online consultation to find the best treatment plan according to your preferences and your medical availability, to the end of your 1-year aftercare, Remedy Istanbul professionals will handle everything for you. You will be assigned a host that speaks your mother language for easier communication through your liposuction surgery in Turkey.

Also, Remedy Istanbul provides all-inclusive packages for your liposuction surgery in Turkey. 5-star hotel accommodations, VIP transfers, hosting services alongside everything you need is provided in the treatment package presented. For more information about our services, please get in touch with one of our expert medical consultants via WhatsApp or e-mail.

Are you a suitable candidate for Liposuction surgery in Turkey?

Even though liposuction surgery does not require specific medical conditions, sometimes patients with abnormal blood values, chronic diseases, or allergic reactions may not be eligible for this surgery. That is why it is essential to inform your Remedy Istanbul consultant about your medical history beforehand. On the other hand, the most suitable candidates for liposuction surgery in Turkey are;

  • Patients with excess fat around the body

  • Patients with a healthy skin form (If there are excessive sagging, other surgeries should be performed with liposuction)

  • Patients who aim to reshape the body, not looking to lose weight

  • Patients who are willing to keep up a healthy diet after the surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is liposuction?

The cost of liposuction may vary country to country and even clinic to clinic. As Remedy Istanbul we offer to our patients all-inclusive liposuction packages starting from £1850. The liposuction cost can change due to the number of zones you prefer to be applied. For exact information contact us.

How much is liposuction UK?

Liposuction in UK costs around £4500 in United Kingdom. The price varies from clinic to clinic and according to how many areas liposuction will be performed.

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery method that removes excess fat from different parts of the body.  There are different liposuction techniques such as vaser liposuction, laser liposuction and slim liposuction. All types basically perform the same function, but some types also contain apparatus to tighten the skin.

Is liposuction safe?

Like all surgical procedures, liposuction carries some risks. These risks include excessive bleeding and unexpected reactions to anesthesia. In addition, different side effects can be seen depending on the body structure of the patient during the postoperative recovery period. These side effects are; loose skin, bruises, lumps of fat are side effects. With the right intervention, these side effects can be prevented.

What should I do to make sure I get the best out of my liposuction surgery in Turkey?

You will be given the instructions by your surgeon. It depends on patient to patient. In general terms, you are expected to wear the corset given to you, limit your physical activity, and keep up a healthy diet program.

With which surgeries can I combine it?

Since it is performed with general anesthesia, you can combine liposuction with other body shape surgeries such as tummy tuck and brazilian butt lift.

Am i have to wear compression garments after surgery?

Compression garments help to achieve the desired result in the areas where liposuction is applied during the healing process. In cases where compression garments are not worn, disproportionate oil distribution can be seen.

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