breast reduction in turkey

Reduction mammaplasty is the surgery of reshaping the breasts by removing the excess fat, tissue, and skin from breasts.

Women with excessively large breasts are the most suitable candidates for this surgery.

Shoulder, neck and back pains; chronic rash and irritation in the skin, having trouble fitting into clothes and restricted physical activities can occur with excessively large breasts.

Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia, and the surgery takes approximately 3 hours.

Surgery is performed with partial liposuction and small incisions to remove the excess fat and skin.

After the procedure, bandages will be used for covering and protecting the breasts. Painkillers and antibiotics will relieve the pain and reduce the risk of infection. Full recovery is expected between the third and fourth weeks after the surgery.

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Breast Reduction in Turkey

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Operation: Breast Reduction

Other Name: Mammoplasty

Duration of the Procedure: 2-3 Hours

Anesthesia: General

Risk: Minor infection

Recovery Time: 6-8 Weeks

Back to business: 2 Weeks

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Breast Reduction Prices

Breast Reduction Prices

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