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Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey

As Remedy Istanbul, we are aware of the difficulties of having weight loss surgery in a place outside of one's country, and therefore we have prepared all-inclusive treatment packages for our patients. When you choose Remedy Istanbul for weight loss surgery in turkey, you don't need anything other than the package offered. Everything you may need during your time in Turkey is included in your package. Our treatment packages include all transfers, medications, accommodation and all other details.

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Weight Loss Surgery Turkey

In recent years, Turkey has earned a reputation as a hub for medical tourism, and one of the key medical services drawing international attention is weight loss surgery. With its state-of-the-art medical facilities, highly experienced surgeons, and competitive costs, Turkey has become a sought-after destination for individuals seeking effective solutions to obesity-related health challenges.

What is Weight Loss Surgery

Exploring the Path to Lasting Weight Loss


Weight loss surgery, medically known as bariatric surgery, is a set of surgical procedures designed to help individuals struggling with obesity achieve substantial and sustained weight loss. These procedures involve altering the anatomy of the digestive system to either limit food intake or decrease nutrient absorption, resulting in weight loss and improved overall health.

Weight Loss Surgery

Types of Weight Loss Surgeries

there are several types of weight loss surgeries, also known as bariatric surgeries, that are designed to help people who are severely overweight or obese lose weight and improve their overall health. These surgeries work by either restricting the amount of food the stomach can hold or by altering the way food is absorbed in the digestive tract. Here are some common types of weight loss surgeries:

Gastric Band

Gastric band surgery, often referred to as laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, is a minimally invasive procedure where an adjustable band is placed around the upper portion of the stomach. This creates a smaller pouch, which restricts the amount of food the stomach can hold. As a result, patients experience an earlier sensation of fullness, leading to reduced food consumption and gradual weight loss.

Gastric Bypass

The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure involves creating a small pouch at the top of the stomach and rerouting a portion of the small intestine. This dual mechanism restricts both food intake and nutrient absorption. By reducing the stomach's capacity and altering the digestive process, patients typically experience significant weight loss and improvements in obesity-related health conditions.

Gastric Balloon

The gastric balloon procedure is a non-surgical option for weight loss. A deflated balloon is inserted into the stomach through an endoscopic procedure and then inflated. The inflated balloon occupies space in the stomach, promoting feelings of fullness and reduced food intake. This technique is particularly suitable for individuals seeking a temporary weight loss solution or those who are not eligible for more invasive surgeries.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

During a sleeve gastrectomy, a portion of the stomach is removed, resulting in a smaller, tubular-shaped stomach. This surgery not only restricts the amount of food the stomach can hold but also affects hormones that regulate hunger and satiety. The combination of reduced capacity and hormonal changes leads to significant weight loss and improved metabolic health.

Life After Weight Loss Surgery

Diet After Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey

Post-surgery, dietary habits undergo a radical transformation. Patients typically start with a liquid diet and gradually transition to soft and solid foods. Portion control and the emphasis on nutrient-dense foods become fundamental aspects of maintaining weight loss and overall well-being.

Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey

Regular physical activity is integral to maximizing weight loss and maintaining muscle mass. While strenuous exercise might be limited during the initial recovery period, gradually incorporating low-impact activities and later progressing to more intensive workouts is essential for long-term success.

Diet After Weight Loss Surgery
Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery

Risks of Weight Loss Surgery

Blood Clots

As with any surgical procedure, weight loss surgery carries a risk of blood clots forming in the legs or lungs. Early post-operative movement and adherence to medical guidance are crucial to minimize this risk.

Wound Infection

Infections at the surgical site can occur, but careful wound care and adherence to hygiene protocols significantly reduce this risk.

Gastric Band Slipping Out Of Place

For gastric band patients, there is a potential risk of the band slipping out of its intended position. Regular follow-up appointments and open communication with medical professionals are essential to monitor and address any issues.

Leak in The Gut

Certain weight loss surgeries can result in leaks developing in the stomach or intestines. Timely intervention is crucial to prevent infections and complications.

Blocked Gut

Obstructions in the stomach or intestine can occur, often due to scar tissue. Early detection and medical management are vital to avoid discomfort and potential complications.

Excess Skin

Significant weight loss can lead to excess skin, which might require additional procedures to address. This step is not only for aesthetic reasons but also to prevent skin-related discomfort and hygiene issues.


Altered digestion or reduced stomach size can impact nutrient absorption. Regular monitoring and collaboration with healthcare providers ensure that patients receive adequate nutrients to support their health and well-being.

In conclusion, weight loss surgery in Turkey offers individuals battling obesity a chance to achieve profound, lasting changes in their health and quality of life. While these procedures can be transformative, potential risks underline the importance of informed decision-making, attentive post-operative care, and ongoing collaboration with medical professionals. Through a combination of medical expertise, dedicated lifestyle changes, and ongoing support, weight loss surgery presents an avenue towards a healthier future.

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