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5 Reasons to choose Remedy Istanbul

Many people travel abroad regarding their medical treatment needs, some of them just concerning about their aesthetic looks and some of them are seeking for a more vital treatment. Remedy Istanbul offers a wide range of treatment plans, with only the best doctors operating in best hospitals in Istanbul, Turkey. In this article we will cover why you should consider Remedy Istanbul regarding your medical needs.


Turkey Plastic Surgery
Remedy Istanbul Doctors

You deserve the best treatment from top surgeons

Remedy Istanbul works with top surgeons in their field to complete your treatment process as successful as it can be. We prioritize your health and satisfaction over everything. All of our surgeons have decades of experience and malpractice insurances to cover you from any unexpected outcomes of the procedure. As you can find their resume and frequently performed operations in our website, you can always contact us to find out more about the treatment process.


Best hospital turkey
Remedy Istanbul Hospital

First class hospitals

As much as working with top surgeons, first class hospitals are essential during your treatment processes. All the operations that our surgeons perform take place in top quality hospitals because as Remedy Istanbul, we are aware of the importance of excellent hygiene and care services. With 5-star hotel comfort and excellent hygiene and care standards, you do not need to think twice to choose Remedy Istanbul.

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Flight ticket to Istanbul
Flight Ticket and Airport Transfer

Flight tickets and VIP airport transfers

After we plan your treatment on our medical teams’ availability and your preferred date, Remedy Istanbul offers you flight ticket and VIP airport transfers. We do not want you to waste your time with all the tedious work. Our expert travel consultants will submit an itinerary to your approval and by the time you approve it, we will arrange your flight tickets and VIP transfer from airport to hotel.


Best hotels in Turkey
Best Hotels Turkey

5-Star Hotels and Hosting services

Remedy Istanbul aims to provide a full package to your treatment enquiry; therefore, we arrange you a 5-star hotel for the nights you will not stay at the hospital with the best rates. Our expert travel consultants will pick the best and the closest hotel to your hospital, so you will not be travelling around the city other than your leisure activities. During this process, a host/hostess will be assigned to you to keep you company while you are with your doctor. With this way, you will be able to talk to your doctor in your native language.


Health tourism Turkey
Remedy Istanbul tourism services

Tourism Services

According to your availability and preference, Remedy Istanbul offers yacht tours, Bosphorus tours, historical peninsula tours and sightseeing tours in and near Istanbul.

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