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Best Hair Transplant Turkey

best hair transplant Turkey
Best Hair Transplant Turkey

According to data from the year 2019 shows that the sector of hair transplantation in Turkey has revenue of around 1.5 billion dollars.

Among the major reasons of this is that hair transplant in Turkey is quite economic performed to Europe and America. Hair transplantation, which is very important in the way it is done, is defined as an operation that requires aesthetics and experience. So which one is the best hair transplant center in Turkey?

Especially which doctor uses the Fue technique best, which hair transplant center is more successful. First of all, Fue is a short statement of the term "Folicular Unit Extraction". It is a method in which follicular units are removed one by one with personal micro surgical tools and transferred to hairless areas without cutting and stitch marks from the nape and upper ear area where hair follicles coded for non-androgenic hair are dense.

It can be performed with local anesthesia or sedation according to the patient's request.The numbers of best hair transplant centers in Turkey are extremely high. Istanbul's hair transplant centers are in the first place in the world in hair transplantation. We can say that the prices in these centers are half of the prices in the world. You can easily choose hair transplantation centers in Turkey for high quality and good hair. If you search the most successfull hair transplant doctors, you will see the Turkish doctors in the first rows. There are very successful hair transplant centers not only in Istanbul but also in Ankara. Ankara hair transplant centers are much more affordable than hair transplant centers in Istanbul.

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What should be considered in hair transplantation procedures?

Hair transplantation can be defined as a serious surgical application. In order to minimize the risks of hair transplantation, it should be done in a hospital environment. It is very important for the best results to be performed by well-trained and experienced plastic surgeons. Due to the hair transplantation to be successful in the operation, the transplanted hair follicles need to be blooded quickly in the area where they are placed, which means "hold". If a correct technique is applied, the success rate of hair transplantation is quite high. For a natural look, it is very important to plant the hair at the right distance, at the right angle and at the right density to the bald areas.

Hair transplantation can be performed on all individuals of all ages who have suffered from hair loss for various reasons since the ages of 19-20 in men and women, and who do not have a physiological disease that prevents hair transplantation, and who have enough follicles in the donor area.

We would also like to make a statement that you need to know and that will scare you when you first read it. Implanted hair falls out within a few weeks following the transplantation process. Don't be afraid, this is normal. Because the shed hair will grow again after 3-4 months. After this temporary loss is corrected, the transplanted hair follicles retain their character and do not fall out. However, the original hair in the same area may continue to shed over time, and a new hair transplant may be planned in the future depending on the decrease in hair density.

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