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Breast enlargement surgery

Breast enlargement
Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement

In today’s world, breasts can be defined as the structures that complement the physique of women in body appearance. Breast volume has an important place in measurements of shoulder width, chest,waist and hip circumference. The body appearance may be incomplete, when breast volume is small among these measurements. Breasts may be structurally small for various reasons. Asymetrical compliences may be observed in between their sizes. Congenitally there may be no one at all. The most valid method today is silicone prostheses (implants) to make both breasts equal or increase their volume. In general, individuals who have this operation are those who think that their breasts are small and want to eliminate the disproportion in their body lines and especially to increase the hip-breast ratio to an aesthetic level. In most women, breasts size are not symmetrical. If there is an excessive difference in the size of both breasts and this leads to a very obvious aesthetic problem, breast enlargement surgery can be performed. Such as; compensation for the loss of breast volume after pregnancy. (In some cases, there may be sagging of the breasts. In this case, breast lift surgery may also be required.) Breast enlargement surgery may be required if ,breast prostheses placed due to medical or aesthetical conditions, caused aging, losing their features or observing any distress in that breast area. In cases such as breast cancer surgery or the absence of a congenital breast, breast formation from scratch may be required. In such cases, surgery, also called breast repair or breast reconstruction, is recommended. The main substance in breast prostheses is the silicone on the outer surface of the prosthesis. The filler inside may be different. Each prosthesis has its own advantages and disadvantages. These should be discussed in detail before the breast enlargement surgery and the patient and the physician should decide together which one will be used. If the patient to be placed with prosthesis is over 40 years old, radiological examinations called mammography and ultrasonography are performed before the operation. Every surgery has general or specific risks. Edema and pain in the breast area are postoperative complaints. Surgery-related bleeding and infection are rare conditions. Some patients complain of increased or decreased sensitivity in the nipples after surgery or numbness around the incision. This is usually temporary. Contact us, get your free consultation.


The surgery is performed under general anesthesia in the operating room under hospital conditions and takes 1-2 hours. A 4-5 cm cut is made for the prosthesis to be placed. This cut placement can be one of the following: Under breast fold (Submammarian), Breast lower head (Circumareolar), Armpit (Alsils).

Breast enlargement surgery
Breast Surgery

Breast surgery

Recently, prosthesis can be placed endoscopically by entering around the navel. However, this method has not yet been widely accepted. No matter where the entrance is, a trace will remain. These are traces that are evident at the beginning and become vague over time. The prosthesis can be placed behind the breast tissue or behind the chest muscle (pectoral), depending on the patient's breast structure. Each application has its advantages and disadvantages, and this detail should be evaluated before surgery.


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