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Breast Reduction Surgery, Brestfeeding and Recovery

Breasts larger than normal (macromastia, gigantomastia), as well as several psychological disorders, depending on the weight of the large breasts; causes depression due to bra strap marks on the shoulders, back pain, itching under the sagging breast due to continuous sweating, rash, and bad odor. For this reason, breast reduction aesthetics (reduction mammoplasty), which is performed to make larger and sagging breasts smaller, provides a physical relief to the patient, as well as aesthetic surgery, the person's breathing is regulated, it increases mobility, shoulder and back pain disappears. Considering this situation, breast reduction surgery is also a functional surgery.


Breast reduction
Breast Reduction

How is breast reduction surgery performed?

This process is done in line with certain techniques and planning. During the operation, the glandular tissue, adipose tissue, skin, and nipple area of ​​the breast can be reduced according to the patient's request. While the breast tissue is reduced during the surgery, the sagging caused by the excess tissue is also eliminated. In this way, smaller, tighter, and upright breasts are obtained. Before the breast reduction surgery, there is a photoshoot, and planning is made, accordingly, the surgical plan is drawn on the breast. The operation is completely based on this plan. With this planning, the breast is created in the most appropriate way for that patient. There is a breast size for every body type.

According to breast volume and age of the patient in breast reduction; only a limited operation scar around the nipple, a scar extending straight down from the nipple (vertical technique), or an inverted T-shaped scar. These scars first turn into red-pink color, over time they turn to normal skin color. Whatever the way, the marks remain in the bra under the nipple. In breast reduction surgery, a technique called short "T" is used. In this technique, a T-shaped scar extending from the nipple circumference to the lower breast line is left on the person.

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Will breast reduction (breast reduction) surgery prevent breastfeeding?

Breast Reduction Feeding
Breast Reduction Feeding

Breast tissue consists of fat and milk glands. Although the mammary glands are mostly located in the middle part, the adipose tissue and the mammary glands are mixed and widely found in the breast. During the reduction surgery, both fat tissue, milk glands and milk ducts are taken together. It is accepted that milk secretion is reduced by an average of 50% in theory, although the milk secretion is more protected in breast reduction performed by protecting the middle area more.


Is breast reduction (breast reduction) surgery a difficult operation?

Breast reduction surgery is an operation that takes approximately 2-3 hours, depending on the technique to be selected and the size of the breasts under general anesthesia. Although it seems to belong in duration, it is generally a comfortable surgery after surgery. There is no severe pain. There may be mild pain for the first 3-4 days, but you can relax with pain medication. Generally, after the 4th day, you will be able to do your daily activities, but during this period, dressing is continued regularly.


When can I recover after the operation?

You stay in the hospital for one day after breast reduction surgery. You can go home the next day. 4-6 days after the operation, the healing process will be determined by the doctor's follow-up and you can start taking a shower. It is possible to start working one week after breast reduction surgery. Controls are made in the first and second weeks after the operation. In the second check-up, your stitches are removed and it is recommended that you wear the special corset bra for at least 6 weeks.


How much time should I wear a corset after breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction corset
Breast reduction corset

It is recommended to wear a special corset bra for a month after the operation. For the following month, you should do heavy sports and stay away from work that will tire you. After 6 months of breast reduction surgery, the swelling and edema in the area will completely subside and your breasts will gain their ideal appearance.

How much do the breasts shrink in breast reduction surgery?

How much the breast can shrink after breast reduction surgery depends on the patient's shoulder width, chest circumference, and the general size of the body. How much the breast is desired to be reduced may vary depending on whether the patient wants to preserve the breastfeeding function.

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