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Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery
Breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery is an operation which is generally operated when a person's breasts reach sizes that will cause discomfort or when the person is concerned due to aesthetic purposes.

How Are Breast Reduction Surgeries Performed?

How breast reduction surgery performed?
How breast reduction surgery performed?

Breast reduction surgery is an operation performed in cases where people become uncomfortable due to their aesthetic appearance or health. Health problems can be defined as unsolvable neck and beck pain due to carrying oversized breasts all the time. You will be informed more about the breast reduction surgery in terms of the treatment process in this article.

Breast reduction surgery is performed in two ways. The first type of surgery is the reverse t incision method. In operations performed by the reverse t incision method, the breast is cut from the lower part in the reverse T shape. Excess breast tissue, skin, and fat inside the breast are removed. It is an operation that must be performed very carefully in order not to damage the glands during the operation. During surgery, the shape of the breast is tried to be changed in the smoothest way, and the nipples are made in accordance with aesthetics and appearance. The duration of the operation is 2.5 to 4 hours. As with any surgery, there are possible risk factors during breast reduction surgery.

Another method of performing the operation is the Lollipop incision method. In surgery performed by Lollipop incision method, the circumference of the person's nipple is cut circularly. Then, the excess tissue and fat found in the person's breast are removed. After the procedure is finished, the person's nipple is pulled up and a careful closure process is applied to prevent any damage to the glands. A person can return to daily routines 1 week after the end of the operation. You should also use bras that are recommended for post-operative use with this one-week period. It takes 3 months for a person to pass the surgical scars after surgery. It takes 1 year for the person to fully recover.

In What Cases Is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Breast reduction surgery is performed for two main reasons. The first is made due to aesthetic conditions. The second is due to health-based problems.

Breast reduction surgery, also called reduction mammoplasty, is performed in cases such as asymmetricity caused by the size of the breasts. The reasons found in terms of health are as follows; in all cases, such as the inability to find clothes due to the size of the breasts, the pain in the neck, back and waist caused by the large and heavy breasts, the formation of posture disorder or hump due to the size of the breasts, this surgery can be performed for patients.

People who want to have this operation, except for exceptional serious health problems, must necessarily be people who have completed breast development and are over the age of 20. This operation is not performed for people under the age of 20 unless it is an extreme condition. Surgery is performed in two different ways with normal anesthesia. One is the Lollipop incision method. The other is the reverse T incision method.

Your doctor will decide which way to perform your surgery by choosing the type that best suits you. In addition, this operation can be performed for overweight people. Large breasts sometimes prevent people from performing daily physical activities. In older people, they also have this operation because there are reasons such as sagging and bad image. After surgery, the person should be very careful and wear the protective bra given. It is recommended by doctors to use this bra for 2 weeks after surgery.

Which Doctor Should I See for Breast Reduction Surgery?

People who want to have breast reduction surgery should contact the plastic surgery department or a plastic surgeon.

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure performed by removing fat and a certain breast tissue in the breast so that the breast can reach the desired size. Surgery can be performed for medical reasons or aesthetically. In cases such as the fact that people's breasts are not symmetrical, sagging due to breastfeeding and old age, women often prefer to have the surgery done to provide a symmetrical and aesthetic look.

For medical reasons, it is a procedure that is applied for reasons such as pain around the waist, neck and back caused by the weight and size of the breast, or the inability of the person to find suitable clothing. The process is performed in two different ways. It is applied with Lollipop incision and reverse T incision methods. For this process to take place, people must be over the age of 20. After the procedure is completed, medications and creams prescribed by the doctor should be used carefully and regularly. In addition, especially manufactured bras should be used after the procedure.

People can return to their daily routines 1 week after surgery. After this process, the stitches are removed, and after 3 months, the stitches begin to disappear. In this process, the person must follow exactly what the doctor orders. The patient should use the medications carefully and regularly.

Breast Reduction Surgery Prices

Breast reduction surgery price varies from doctor to doctor and according to the clinic. As with any surgery, there are some risk factors for breast reduction surgery. Although this process has fewer risk factors, there are some. Among the risks; problems and bleeding caused by breast infection may occur if hygienic behavior is not performed after surgery or if an infection is contracted from the environment. After the procedure, some people may lose their nipple sensation, or their nipple sensation may decrease. Although attention is paid during surgery, the glands and ducts can be damaged. Many undesirable problems may occur in surgeries that are not performed under appropriate conditions and with caution.

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In the operations performed in the Lollipop incision type, there are fewer traces left than in the operation performed in the reverse t incision type. In addition, the rate of scar left in the breast varies depending on how saggy the breast is and the size of the breast. The reason for the operation consists of procedures performed aesthetically and procedures performed for medical purposes. Among people's breasts for aesthetic purposes, there are things such as disproportionality, sagging breasts and poor appearance, inability to find clothes suitable for breasts.

These surgeries vary in price every year. In addition, there are price differences depending on the surgeon who will perform the operation and the clinic where the operation will be performed. Before surgery, it is necessary to thoroughly research and obtain sufficient information about how the operation is performed and how the operation process works.