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Breast Surgery In Turkey

Breast Surgery in Turkey
Breast Surgery in Turkey

One of the most common mistakes made by women who will have breast surgery; The place where breast augmentation surgery will be performed is that they are concerned with the price of the breast aesthetic surgery instead of taking into account the doctor’s skills, knowledge, experience and the quality of the breast silicone to be used. Before the price of a once-in-a-lifetime breast surgery, the place and result of the surgery should be considered.

The points to be considered in a breast surgery in Turkey or any other country is that;

the doctor performing the operation, the hospital where the surgery was performed, the city where the breast augmentation was performed, the quality of the silicones used in breast augmentation, the medical bra worn after the surgery.


Breast enlargement before after
Breast Enlargement

It is difficult to evaluate aesthetic surgeries financially. Because these are artistic procedures that require special knowledge and skills that vary according to doctors. The person who undergoes surgery is also a unique and unique being. The conclusion from this is that when different doctors operate with the same person, the results will be different, and the results of different patients of the same doctor will also be different. At the basic calculation, it can give you a rough idea of ​​how much would be the price of breast surgery in Turkey.


Breast implant
Breast Implants

Silicone prices used for breast augmentation are indexed to dollars and exchange rate fluctuations affect the breast silicone price. Breast silicone fees can range from approximately four thousand lira to six thousand lira depending on the quality of the brand used. Hospital costs can range from around two thousand lira to five thousand lira. If you add the doctor's office expenses and manual labor to the top, you will get an idea of ​​the price of breast enlargement with silicone. Breast enlargement prices also vary according to the type of breast augmentation to be made. For example, the price of breast augmentation, which ends in only 45 minutes, and the breast augmentation fee, which can take up to two 3 hours, will be different.


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The best price information about breast enlargement prices can be given by examining the breast augmentation candidate. Your plastic surgeon who will operate on you about the breast augmentation; He will inform you in detail about the brand, quality, and price of the silicone that he intends to place on your breasts. Also, he will give information about the hospital where you will be operated and the costs, the price of the bra you should use after the breast augmentation surgery, and whether it is included in the breast enlargement fee.

Your plastic surgeon who will perform your breast augmentation can give you the most appropriate price information about the Breast Augmentation Surgery Price by examining you. During your breast enlargement interview with your doctor; Is there an examination fee? Are the postoperative controls paid? etc. You should ask everything that comes to your mind clearly and clearly without getting bored.

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Breast Surgery in Turkey
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