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Centre for Dentistry

Dental Center

Remedy Istanbul Dentavina Dental Center
Remedy Istanbul Dentavina Dental Center

As we mentioned in our other articles, dental centers are the only places to solve oral and dental health problems. For this reason, it is necessary to rely on fully equipped medical institutions and professional dentists with experience in the field of oral and dental health.

As mentioned in our other articles, dental centers should have the following departments.


Dental Center clinic no 1
Dental Center clinic no 1

Sometimes the pulp tissue, which is the deepest tissue of the teeth and in which the nerves and vascular packages are located, is damaged due to reasons such as caries that affect the deep tissues of the teeth, and traumas. Pulp diseases that cause serious pain may occur with damage to this tissue, or the teeth may lose their vitality. If the teeth cannot maintain their vitality for any reason, the nerve tissues in the center of the tooth, the pulp, must be cleaned. This treatment is called root canal therapy. Dentists who specialize in Endodontics are called endodontists. As a result of the neglect of endodontic treatments, lesions may occur in the roots of the teeth, even tooth loss may occur. For this reason, endodontic treatments have a big importance in oral and dental health.


Remedy Istanbul Dental Center clinics
Remedy Istanbul Dental Center clinics

When it comes to oral health, gums are as important as teeth. Although conditions in which gum health deteriorates sometimes consist of simple gum bleeding, it can sometimes lead to serious problems that can result in tooth loss. The branch of Dentistry, which includes the diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases, is called Periodontology, and dentists who specialize in this field are called periodontologists. Dental scaling, tooth root surface cleaning, and surgical curettage are some of the periodontological treatments applied to remove gum retreats. Besides, the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as gum tissue diseases around the implant, gum bleeding, tooth sensitivity, and bad breath are performed in the department of periodontology.


Remedy Istanbul dental center inside view
Remedy Istanbul dental center inside view

Children's treatments have a special place in dentistry. Caries has seen at an early age both damage the development of the mouth and can also affect the overall health and development of the child due to a negative effect on nutrition. Also, fear of dentists, which can develop in early childhood, can make it difficult for children to see a dentist later in life. All applications such as monitoring the development of the mouth and teeth needed in childhood, treatment of milk tooth caries, as well as placeholders that should be applied due to early tooth loss, are of interest to pedodontics. Pedodontics includes diagnosis and treatment of patients aged 0-15 years, as well as preventive practices. Pedodontics applications cover a long process, that is why It is important to consult specialist pedodontists in cases where children's psychology is not negatively affected, and they receive dental treatment in healthy conditions.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Remedy Istanbul dental clinics
Remedy Istanbul dental clinics

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a branch of surgical science that deals with all surgical interventions involving teeth and oral tissues, as well as jawbones and joints. Embedded foreign operations, the treatment of cysts and lesions of the jawbones, dental implant, bone graft, the treatment of jaw fractures, apical resection, are the surgical procedures performed under local anesthesia by the oral and maxillofacial specialist.


Not a long time ago, only prosthetic methods were used to eliminate dental deficiencies. But dentures were harming the teeth, gum, and jaw structure over time. With the advent of Implantology treatments, it became possible to eliminate tooth deficiencies and completely empty palates without these problems.

Implant treatment consists of two stages: the surgical stage in which implants are placed in the jawbone and the prosthetic stage in which prosthetic teeth with superstructures are applied. Implant applications are applied to perform fixed prosthetic applications or to make mobile prosthetics stand more stable in the mouth. Implant treatment can be applied in almost every case with the developing technology.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Even though the major dental problems come to mind when said dental treatment, aesthetic dental treatments are applied as well and becoming more and more popular these days. Causes such as caries, excessive coloration, perplexity, disorders of the surface and shape of the tooth, the position of the gums relative to the teeth, negatively affect dental aesthetics.

The most popular aesthetic dental treatment is smile design. Situations that disrupt the aesthetics of smile can be corrected thanks to modern aesthetic dentistry practices. Applications such as whitening treatments, composite or porcelain laminate applications, porcelain veneer applications, and gum arrangements are among the applications of aesthetic dentistry.


Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with dental perplexities and disorders in tooth placements. Dentists specializing in this field are called orthodontists. Perplexed and irregular-looking teeth are one of the most disturbing situations in people's smiles. Also, other factors, such as cavity teeth and mismatch in the position of the bones of the jaws with each other, badly affect both the appearance of the teeth and the aesthetics of the face. Such disorders, on the other hand, can also disrupt the function of chewing. The healthiest solution to all these problems of tooth appearance and jaw structure is possible with orthodontic treatment, which is also popularly called dental braces.

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