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Dental Implant Prices

Dental implant Prices in Turkey

The main cost of the Implant treatment is the material used. Dental Implants, an increasing practice in recent years, have become relatively cheap. It is still slightly more expensive today than bridge or crown applications. But if the implant application is successful, this difference becomes insignificant over time, given that it will be a long-lasting application. It should be noted that implant applications are a treatment method that does not damage other teeth, resulting in healthy and more ideal results.

Although ‘Implant prices’ are the most sought words online by patients suffering from a lack of tooth and dental disease, they do not rank first in terms of importance. The process of this treatment should be based on the quality of the products that will be used in the treatment and the experience of the dentist who will perform the treatment. For those who want to have Implant treatment, it is necessary to have information about the treatment. A person who correctly understands the treatment and its stages can make a more accurate price analysis related to the treatment. But a person who channels prices without understanding the treatment process will not be able to make an accurate assessment of the price, because the treatment process determines the price of treatment. And it can vary from person to person.

Factors determining Implant Prices

Dental implant prices - Dentist experience
Dental implant prices - Dentist experience

The dentist's experience

The experience of the dentist who will perform Implant treatment and the degree of knowledge on this issue determines how good your treatment will be. Good treatment means getting rid of your complaint very quickly and not complaining about the same situation in the future. In exchange for such an approach, the fee requested by your dentist may be higher. It should be seen as a good investment.

Dental implant prices - Fitness of the jawbone
Dental implant prices - Fitness of the jawbone

Fitness of the jawbone

After losing a tooth, people who do not see implant treatment for a long time, unfortunately, experience bone loss in this area. When there is bone loss, bone augmentation is performed before the insertion of the necessary implant. This is a simple but costly process. It also means an additional waiting time for the patient. Implant treatments are performed immediately after tooth loss, therefore, giving the patient both time and cost advantage.

Dental implant prices - Implant brands
Dental implant prices - Implant brands

Brand of Implant Used

There are more than 550 implant brands worldwide. These are successfully combined with the bone that receives a certificate of approval from authorized organizations, and the treatment is successful. There are no huge differences between brands in terms of technology or material. The important thing is the support and continuity provided by the brand. For example, faster logistics and more accessibility of the implant brand increase the quality.

Information About Implant Prices

Dentists, who point out that the reason why treatment is expensive today is not the implant itself, says that the most expensive thing is the patient's negligence and being late. Because a late implant treatment doubles the size of the treatment. Therefore, the first thing patients should do is to plan their implant treatment after a tooth loss. It is also important to remember that it is necessary to undergo a dentist check every six months. Thanks to these controls, most diseases can be solved with early detection and treatment at much less cost.

Is Implant Dental Treatment Expensive?

It may not be very accurate to say whether this treatment is expensive or not. Because, as mentioned above, this form of treatment may differ from patient to patient. Our advice is to see a dentist and be examined before starting the price research and do the research afterward.

Implant Prices 2021

Price is the first thing that comes to mind if the subject is dental implants. ‘Implant prices’ is the most sought keyword among all dental implant patients around the world. Although we say that it is necessary to investigate the implant, not the price, the dentist who will make the implant, it has become natural for people to wonder about the cost of treatment due to the economic situation we are in. Although less attention is paid, the dentist is one of the most important elements of the dental implant treatment process. If possible, the Implant should be made once and used for life. It is the most appropriate way for most of the patients

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