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Hair Loss Causes and Treatments

Hair Loss
Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the problems that many people complain about. This problem is a condition that almost everyone experiences several times in their life. Although it occurs for different reasons, the intensity of the loss and the noticeable or unnoticed reduction in the hair differ from person to person. Hair loss that is not taken as a precaution or ignored, regardless of the cause, can progress and even lead to serious hair root damage. Sometimes there can also be a simple seasonal transition and stress-induced spills. However, such simple reasons can sometimes be quite dramatic.

Currently, shampoos and other effective care products against hair loss have been developed. These products, which can be easily reached and used, should be considered in two separate groups. Part of it includes nourishing treatments for hair loss prevention and stronger strands of hair. Another group consists of ingredients that treat and repair the advanced stages of hair loss. Although both types are produced with advanced technology and useful substances, of course, it is much easier to avoid at an early stage. In addition, treatment protocols for hair loss are applied more aggressively. 

What Is Hair Loss?

In the topic of hair loss, if we examine the anatomy of the hair, we can express from the beginning that it is in a cycle that constantly renews itself. For example, the life of a hair strand is between 4 and 6 years on average. About 100 thousand strands of hair are found on a healthy scalp. Adults can lose between 100 and 150 strands of hair per day, and this is considered normal. Even based on a healthy person, mild hair loss can continue for 2 months. In other words, there is no abnormality in the recurrence of this condition up to 3 times for an entire year. But if the spill lasts longer than 2 months, there may be a serious issue that needs to be noted.

There can be dozens of causes of hair loss. To make sure the spill is controllable and treatable, consulting an expert is very crucial. If you are wondering why hair loss is caused, there are hormonal causes in the first place. Hormonal imbalances, eating disorders, and many other causes can initiate hair loss. If it cannot be controlled by treatment, it can lead to temporary and sometimes permanent skin problems and hair root damage.

Before deciding which measures to take against hair loss or what approaches to be exhibited, the cause of the problem should be well determined. Hair loss usually occurs approximately 3-4 months after stimulating and triggering causes. In other words, it may not be observed immediately after encountering stress or a traumatic event. After the appearance and start of treatment, the results begin to be obtained between 6-12 months.

Causes of Hair Loss and Ways to Prevent It

Each hair root in the scalp has a lifetime. But since there is no intense hair loss at the same time in healthy individuals, this condition is not even noticeable. As in each cell in our body, the process of destruction and then regeneration is also relevant for our hair.

Hair loss in men and women is completely different from each other. Although the causes and factors are basically the same, prevention and treatment methods are different. For example, hair loss in men occurs more often after puberty. In addition, due to the genetic characteristics of men, they are quite prone to hair loss. For this reason, partial hair loss or baldness is likely to occur at later ages. Causes of hair loss are as follows;

  • Genetic factors: More than 50% of people experiences hair loss caused by hormones. Such spills are seen in parallel for reasons such as stress, lack of nutrition.

  • Hormone disorder: if a person has problems such as menstrual irregularities, acne, weight gaining, and in addition, if the hair loss is mentioned, there is a hormone disorder.

  • Skin problems, depression, medications used, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid diseases, and breastfeeding are also some of the factors that cause hair loss.

Getting treatment for hair loss, the causes will be identified quite easily. But with the right treatment, this problem can disappear. After that, it will be enough to take precautions against factors that cause hair loss.

How Is Hair Loss Prevented?

Although you do not have a hair loss problem, you may have a fear about it. This is a fear that will actually benefit to take precautions. In fact, preventing hair loss is a very easy and effortless task. But, of course, if the medications or genetic factors cause this, then it would be best to get support according to your problem.

Simple but effective methods for the question of how to prevent hair loss can be listed as follows:

  • Stay away from stress and anxiety,

  • Do not try unconscious shock diets and do not eat unbalanced,

  • Create your sleep pattern, sleep disorders trigger the stress hormone, and stress also causes hair loss.

  • Do not consume pre-prepared and packaged foods. Eat naturally. Fruits and vegetables are extremely beneficial for your hair health.

  • Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. Because alcohol and smoking destroy healthy cells irreversibly.

  • Do not forget to check with a dermatologist at certain stages, even if you do not have hair loss problems. Because diseases of the scalp will start insidiously and progress, if there is such a situation, you will avoid it before your hair loss starts.


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Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment
Hair Loss Treatment

First, the main cause of the hair loss problem should be determined. For this purpose, several blood tests and a doctor's consultation are necessary. Then, whatever the cause, individual-specific forms of treatment begin to be applied in that direction. Medication therapy, mesotherapy, PRP, and hair transplantation for the treatment of hair loss are among the treatment methods.

Medication therapy has no effect or very little on complete hair loss in the front and upper areas of the head. If there is complete hair loss, the hair follicle cells die, and new hair production is no longer possible. But some medications recommended by a doctor for hair loss that has just begun can be useful.

PRP treatment is applied once a year. Special procedures are performed by taking the patient's blood. The patient’s own blood is injected into the thinned areas to stimulate the existing hair to get stronger. This procedure is also applied to make the newly arrived hair both more vivid and healthier. Almost the same logic goes for mesotherapy. Vitamin and mineral mixtures are injected into the hair follicle. In this way, hair bottoms can be fed directly, and hair loss can be treated.

In cases of hair loss in which advanced and excessive hair loss occurs, the treatment is only a hair transplant. This is a technique that produces quite impressive results when performed by professional people.

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