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Hair Transplant Cost Turkey

Hair loss or weakness is a big problem for most people. Since hair plays a major role in people's physical appearance, it is an important problem that makes people think that they reduce their beauty and impressiveness, and accordingly creates psychological problems and reduces the self-confidence of the person. The excessive shedding of hair and the consequent stress and distressing consequences for the individual brings up one of the most important studies in this field, namely the 'Hair Transplantation' process. So what do you need to know about hair transplantation?

Hair transplant cost turkey
Hair transplant cost turkey


The first question everbody ask?

The primary question of everyone who wants to have a hair transplant is "How much is hair transplant cost Turkey?" is happening. As in every sector, there are various factors that determine the prices in the hair transplantation sector. When choosing a hair transplant center, everyone can do research by considering different criteria. And as a result, he can make decisions. When the prices of hair transplantation are evaluated, factors such as brand value, sometimes reference patients, sometimes technological differences and sometimes location can come to the fore. And these factors directly affect prices. It cannot be said that high-priced hair transplant centers create more successful results, and they cannot be said to fail in affordable centers. Although there is no specific standard in hair transplant prices, there are many factors affecting the price balance in the hair transplant center.

Hair transplant cost Turkey before after
Hair transplant cost turkey before after


What Changes Hair Transplant Cost?

The most important of these is; It is the number of grafts (hair follicles) to be transplanted. In the next stage, which hair transplant method will be applied and additional services to be taken with hair transplantation treatment, hair transplant cost Turkey vary from clinic to clinic and from patient to patient. For this reason, it is recommended that you contact the clinics for the most accurate information about hair transplant cost Turkey.

After the analysis made by the hair transplant centers, the number of grafts to be transplanted and the hair transplantation technique to be used are decided with personal planning. And the personalized hair transplant price is determined, so there is no clear answer to the most curious questions such as "Hair transplant cost in Istanbul", "2020 Hair transplant cost", "Hair transplant cost", "The most suitable hair transplant centers".

The answers to the questions emerge as a result of intensive research. It is not possible for the hair transplant center to charge you for hair transplantation without making the necessary analysis, and the price of hair transplantation offered is not an accurate data. It is not possible to give a concrete price as the prices determine the results of the examinations. In addition, an important point is to follow the seasonal campaigns of hair transplant treatments. Especially in metropolitan cities, you can catch opportunities and contribute to your budget by closely following the competitive situation on hair transplant cost Turkey.

Hair transplant Turkey
Hair transplant Turkey


2020 hair transplant cost Turkey

If you are researching 2020 hair transplant prices; An important factor you should know is that not every hair transplant operation will yield 100% successful results. For this reason, finding the right hair transplant center, choosing the right hair transplant doctor and determining the most appropriate hair transplant method is very important in terms of both the success of the hair transplantation and the determination of the hair transplant cost Turkey. Some controls should continue for an average of 1 year after hair transplantation, and these controls are included in the 2020 hair transplant cost Turkey in some clinics, like Remedy Istanbul, while others are not. In addition, certain protection methods are applied in order to obtain successful results from a hair transplant application, the most important of which is the special hair transplant shampoos used after hair transplantation. In the shampoo fees recommended by your clinic after hair transplantation, it is recommended that you discuss all the details such as whether the additional products are included in the 2022 hair transplant cost Turkey before applying to avoid any surprises. For hair transplant prices varying according to hair transplant centers; It is recommended that you get information about all the details about all the processes of the clinic, and get answers from your hair transplant clinic for all the questions you have determined beforehand.


Things to know before having a hair transplant

You need to know these;

  • Although the size of the area to be transplanted, skin and hair structure varies depending on the technique to be applied, it is a process that takes approximately 4 to 8 hours.

  • Hair transplantation operation is performed under local anesthesia or with needle-free anesthesia, and it is a procedure that does not feel any pain.

  • It starts to appear small after 3 months from the operation date and reaches its normal length in about 6 months.

  • The preparation of the grafts (hair cluster), the conditions under which it is kept and the application of the correct technique are factors that directly affect the result, and the result is 100% successful if it is done.

  • There is no situation that will prevent you from going outside after the hair transplant operation. In the first 2-3 days, tiny pink spots are seen and they start to fade gradually, and it does not prevent you from going out in a week.

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