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How to Plan Your Treatment with Remedy Istanbul

Remedy Istanbul finds the best solution possible for your medical treatment needs with, expert medical team and top-quality hospitals. All the surgeons Remedy Istanbul work with, and all the hospitals that procedures take place are accredited internationally. Nonetheless, as Remedy Istanbul, we believe providing a full package to your traveling and medical procedure processes would be more suitable and practical. In this blog article, you will be informed about how to plan your treatment with Remedy Istanbul step by step.

Treatment in turkey
Remedy Istanbul


In the beginning, you can browse through our website and learn more about our medical services. After finding information about relevant procedures to your needs, you can reach us out for an online consultation. In this step, you may be asked to send some documents about the diagnosis, or some photos for our medical team to assess your suitability for the treatment.

After our medical team assesses your situation, our experienced consultants will give you information about the treatment, such as where the procedure will take place, for how long you need to stay in Istanbul, etc. At the end of the consultation, if you have agreed with the process, you will receive a quotation from Remedy Istanbul.


You can ask for another appointment from your consultant to go over the details of your quotation. If you accept the terms and conditions, you will receive another e-mail that includes bank account information of Remedy Istanbul. We kindly ask you to pay deposit around 10-15% of your total balance to book your flight, accommodation and operating room. Then, you can complete the remaining balance before your surgery in Istanbul.

In this step, your travel consultant will be preparing your itinerary according to the availability of our medical team and your preference. Our priority is planning the trip and treatment on the exact day you preferred. After finding the best schedule for your treatment, our travel consultants will book your flight tickets, hotel and VIP transfer with your approval. Please do not hesitate to express your opinion about flight and hotel during this process. Our travel consultant team will give priority to your preference. For example, you can ask for either economy or first-class tickets or ask for either a 5-star hotel or 4-star hotel. Of course, these preferences may change the remaining balance on your quotation, but you will be informed about the prices of every single service that Remedy Istanbul provides.


Before your flight, your personal host will reach you to inform you about your trip and some instructions such as, where you will be picked by your VIP transfer and what do you need to do before traveling to Turkey, Istanbul. Also, all these details will be e-mailed to you. After your flight date has come, everything will go according to the itinerary which both you and your travel consultant agreed on. Afterwards, you will be feeling the difference of Remedy Istanbul, in terms of high-quality service standards and experienced team. Please do not hesitate to reach us for your further questions about your treatment needs and learn more about our services.

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