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Price Of Gastric Reduction Surgery

Grastric Reduction Surgery
Grastric Reduction Surgery

Depending on the type of operation, it depends on both the experience of the surgeon and the quality of the material used in the operation. How much does stomach reduction surgery cost?

Cost of gastric reduction surgery varies in price depending on examination costs, hospital costs, and the experience of surgeon.

Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Starting at a distance of 3 or 6 cm from the endpoint of the stomach, i.e. the pylora, the stomach is turned into a tube with special equipment. After surgery, the part of the tube is removed, while the stomach is shaped like a balloon. And after the operation, approximately 70-80% of the stomach is separated and removed. Gastric reduction surgery takes an average of 70 minutes. Now the patient will start to lose weight.

In gastric reduction surgery, the patient will no longer have an appetite, as the fundus, which secretes appetite hormone in the stomach, is completely removed. And the volume of the stomach will turn into something that can take as much food as the capacity of a teacup. Because the patient will have a feeling of satiety. Because the reservoir part of the stomach is removed, foods allow faster passage to the small intestine. GLP, the hormone that gives the feeling of satiety, is secreted faster than usual.

Gastric reduction surgery is one of the most important operations that has been performed rapidly in recent years along with obesity. Because it has become a state of disease in which the most deaths occur after smoking in the world. But after gastric reduction surgery, it happens quite quickly in the first 3 months. This, in turn, increases the motivation of patients. But a pattern must be established, and after this period, patients should take care of both nutrition and sports. Although some patients ignore them, this is what should happen, and the doctors especially decisively ask the patient. Eating should be healthy and balanced, as well as starting sports or exercise and never quitting


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What Does Stomach Reduction Surgery Do?

Stomach reduction surgery is a surgical operation that people who want to lose weight resort to. After surgery, fewer calories are consumed. And the body uses the fat and November muscle tissues to meet certain nutrient deficiencies. Protein use should be increased to prevent November muscle wasting. And when your weight reaches its normal value, you provide most of your energy needs from food.

Obesity is characterized as a disease of the age, which is growing rapidly both in our country and in the world. It is considered a disease that causes death but can be prevented.

In the light of this information, the question of what works in stomach reduction surgery is one of the treatments given against obesity. Because the complication rate is low. And the operation process is very convenient. Most of the excess weight is given within a year is very preferred.

Gastric reduction surgery is performed for patients with advanced obesity and patients with a body mass index above 35-40. Before the operation, it is recommended that the person first lose weight by natural methods. But in patients with a body mass of 40 and above, it is quite difficult to lose weight with diet or sports.

In children who do not hit puberty, and in patients who are older, this treatment is not performed. In addition, before surgery, the patient's health is examined, and informed about the health status of the operation is performed.

After gastric reduction surgery, patients are mostly not given solid or liquid food for 1-2 days. A nutrition program is performed with the control of doctors, and after surgery, the patient is fed together with the process of adapting to himself and the stomach. In general, the patient is discharged within 1-2 days. According to the doctor's planned nutrition list and the patient's condition, water, milk, juice, or chicken broth is consumed first. If the doctor's food list is followed, the surgical wound will heal faster. Since the operation is performed closed, the surgical scar and surgical pain are minimal. Along with stomach reduction surgery, the process of weight loss begins. However, diseases such as the patient's sleep apnea problem, blood pressure, joint disorders will also decline at a high rate.

First, the age of the person who will have gastric reduction surgery is important. For patients who have not entered puberty or are in old age, stomach reduction surgery is not performed. The reason for the weight of the patient to be operated on is investigated. For obese patients who cannot lose weight despite a healthy and balanced diet and have health problems, stomach reduction surgery is performed. The patient's history is taken. Examinations are carried out. All complaints are based on body mass index for the operation after religions. This is the limit set for surgery in patients. This is the appropriate limit for patients with a body mass index of 305 to 40. Body mass index should be 40 and above. Or the body mass index should be between 30-40. High blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc.

The age limit for gastric reduction surgery varies. Obesity patients aged 18-65 include special conditions Dec. It can be between the ages of 13 and 70. Here, the surgeon's recommendation is very important. Along with the determination and values of the surgeon, the severity of people's health decency cannot be ignored.

For stomach reduction operations, just being overweight is not the only criterion, but it is an important criterion. The patient must have a body mass index of at least 30. It is also important that the physician is evaluated here. But these rates also vary depending on countries childhood obesity in Middle Eastern countries, unfortunately, the age limit has fallen to under 18 years of age. Sick children aged 16 and over receive their parents ' permission. Then the surgeon's approval is obtained.

Gastric Reduction Surgery Prices

After gastric reduction surgery, if there are no additional health problems, patients are hospitalized for 1 or 2 nights. Because operations are performed laparoscopy, that is, with cameras and small holes. Improvement in these causes occurs quite quickly. Accordingly, the duration of the operation and hospital stay also affects the price. In fact, depending on the difficulty of the operation, the operation varies from 1.5 hours to 4 hours Dec. If we need to sort out stomach reduction surgery.

  • Clinic

  • According to the patient's condition

  • According to the duration of the patient's hospital stay

  • According to Operation time

  • By type of stomach reduction and

  • According to the surgeon's experience

prices vary.

Although hospital fees vary, they also vary depending on the type of surgery planned according to the person's health status. Gastric reduction surgeries performed to get rid of obesity are learned with very good research and examinations of the patient's health status. For this reason, a serious preparation process is performed before the operation so that no complications occur. It depends on the type of operation. Gastric bypass surgery takes 60 Minutes. Of course, it also changes according to the degree of difficulty of the patient and the experience of the surgeon.

In general, patients who have undergone gastric reduction surgery are enrolled in the hospital on the day of surgery. And he is discharged two days after surgery. For this reason, each of the examinations requested by the surgeon in the hospital is added to the price. It depends on the hospital, clinic, and location where the operation will be performed. So, you can do a general study. If you want, you can get price information from hospitals ' clinics via the internet or phone.

It should be noted that all stomach reduction surgery fees may sometimes not be enough to get information about the procedure alone. Here, the most accurate information is the information that surgeons and doctors will give.

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