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PRP Injection for Hair Loss

PRP Injection in Turkey
PRP Injection in Turkey

PRP, known as Platelet Rich Plasma, is the injection of blood taken from the body back into the body after being separated from its plasma by special procedures. Cells called platelets in plasma provide blood coagulation and perform wound healing due to the growth factors in their bodies.

PRP injection is a method applied to regulate and stimulate healing in many medical areas. PRP does not contain any substance other than the person's own blood. For this reason, it should not be perceived as a medicine. The factors that play an important role in the healing process of the body also show positive effects such as prevention of infections and new vessel formation.


What is PRP?

PRP treatment is the injection of one's own blood back into his body to rejuvenate the skin and cure some diseases. PRP is not a drug treatment. In this method, cell renewal that slows down due to environmental and genetic reasons is treated, and thus procedures such as preventing hair loss, wound treatment, skin rejuvenation are performed.

PRP is applied to damaged tissues. In this way, the growth of healthy cells in the body is accelerated. It also promotes healing in damaged tissues. It accelerates the healing process of body tissues considerably because it contains intense amount of tissue growth factors.


How is PRP Applied?

In order to apply PRP injection, a doctor experienced in this field should be preferred. PRP application consists of certain steps. The way to be followed for successful implementation;

• A certain amount of blood is taken from the patient for the PRP preparation to be injected. The amount of blood varies according to the area where PRP will be injected. For example, the amount of blood taken in PRP applications for hair loss should be an average of 20 milliliters.

• The blood sample taken in compliance with sterile conditions is put into the centrifuge device. The centrifuge, which rotates at a very high speed and provides a good separation of blood components, performs the separation process for 15 minutes. In this way, platelets are separated from blood components.

• Separated plasma is prepared for injection.

• Ultrasound imaging procedure is applied to determine the areas for injection.

• After the injection site is determined, PRP is injected into the area.

Injected PRP shows its healing effect in a short time since it contains more platelets than normal blood. The process usually takes an average of half an hour.


Who Is PRP Treatment Applied?

Who is PRP Injection Applied?
Who is PRP Injection Applied?

PRP is a method that is frequently applied in many areas of medicine. One of them is PRP as knee therapy. In musculoskeletal diseases, knee calcification, PRP provides the repair of tissues. Knee cartilages wear out from time to time due to age and traumas that occur due to different reasons. As a result, an inflammatory process begins and hence calcification occurs. PRP prevents cartilage destruction and speeds up the healing process considerably.

In addition, PRP is also applied in IVF treatment. PRP IVF treatment involves the injection of the precipitate prepared by the patient's own blood into the ovarian tissues. Generally, the treatment takes effect from the 3rd month.

There are visible changes in the skin that has lost its elasticity due to environmental factors or aging. The decrease in collagen in the skin, the loss of effect of elastin fibers and the deterioration of their structure cause sagging in the skin and increase in wrinkles.

PRP is also applied in antiaging treatment. The growth factor, collagen and elastin found in platelets provide the repair of fibers. In this way, after 3-4 sessions on average, a natural rejuvenation procedure is performed without any foreign substance entering the body or applying medication. In the first stage of PRP skin treatment, it is noticed that the dry and dull appearance of the skin is largely regulated. It is observed that skin elasticity increases after other sessions that follow.


Why is PRP Applied?

If we will generally list the reasons for applying PRP injection;

• To give elasticity and shine to the skin, • To prevent hair loss and strengthen hair follicles, • To prevent debris and wrinkles, • Structuring the skin in skin damages, wounds and cracks, • To provide a non-surgical solution despite the rupture of the Achilles tendon, • To reduce pain, • Tissue repair in knee calcification and muscle pain.


PRP Hair Treatment

It is normal for the hair strands to shed in a way that does not exceed 100-150 per day. However, hair loss above this amount should be taken seriously. PRP is one of the most natural solutions for those who experience hair loss and want to prevent it. PRP hair treatment is a method in which patients get more effective results compared to other treatment methods.

In order to prevent hair loss with PRP, the patient's own blood is taken and the blood taken is turned into plasma and injected back to the patient. Thus, hair loss is prevented and hair becomes stronger. Genetic hair loss is also treated with PRP.

We can list the stages of PRP hair treatment as follows;

• 10 cc is taken from the patient's blood.

• After centrifugation, blood is divided into two as white and red.

• Red blood is injected into the area where the hair is thinned. Red blood contains thrombocyte, white blood cell and coagulation factors.

Thus, tissue regeneration is achieved. PRP hair treatment takes an average of 30 minutes and no pain is felt during the treatment.

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Recovery Process After PRP Injection

The result of the PRP application usually manifests itself gradually after the first session towards the other sessions. For example, after the first session in skin renewal, the dry and matte appearance on the skin disappears. In other sessions, wrinkles are gradually reduced and thus signs of aging disappear.

The effect of PRP injection lasts for 10-12 months after 3-4 sessions. Therefore, it should be repeated routinely. During this process, the effects of PRP may gradually decrease. Therefore, it is useful to reinforce with additional applications.

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