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Rafael Nadal Hair Transplant

Rafael Nadal hair transplant
Rafael Nadal hair transplant

A hair transplant is a small operation performed for people who experience hair loss. The one and only Rafael Nadal also had a hair transplant, which was done both to stop the loss and to get stronger hair by restoring the thinned hair.

Hair transplantation, in which hair follicles being transplanted into empty places to provide a permanent solution to people who experience hair loss and restore their hair, has become very popular today due to the massive increase in hair loss.

There can be many causes of hair loss. Many problems, such as hormonal disorders, birth and breastfeeding periods, stressful life, and an unbalanced diet, especially genetic factors, can cause hair loss. Although natural methods, shampoos, and masks can be used for hair loss, none of them can be as permanent as hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a procedure that offers a permanent and precise solution, so Rafael Nadal, who has experienced hair loss, chose to have a hair transplant.

Who Is Rafael Nadal?

Rafael Nadal hair transplant before after
Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal, born on 3 June 1986, is a Spanish tennis player. He is a world-class tennis player and has countless achievements and trophies. At the age of 17, he came to the fore in the 2003 Monte Carlo Master Series tournament, where he defeated Carlos Moya to surprise everyone.

Nadal, who finished second to Roger Federer in 2005, beat Federer in the Dubai final in 2006, ending Federer’s 56-match streak. He won his second Grand Slam at the French Open, his fifth win over Federer. He was given the title of King of the land and was a four-time champion here. By 2008, he had also won the Wimbledon tennis tournament and won the Grand Slam tournament title. He had a winning streak at Hamburg, which was played on the clay court, Queen's, which was played on the grass court, and the French Open, which was again played on clay court.

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Rafael Nadal Hair Transplant News

Nadal was brought up with the news of his hair transplant and was the subject of curiosity by everyone. Nadal was dealing with the hair loss problem and could not find any solutions. Nadal, who is especially noted for his thinning hair, had a hair transplant and regained natural hair. After undergoing a hair transplant, news emerged about Nadal, who was also noted for his dense hair. He paid 10 thousand euros for this transaction and walked out of an operation in Madrid that lasted 8 hours. He also took a break from tennis for 15 days to avoid taking any physical contact. Nadal, who had 4,500 grafts planted, has seen the permanent results after 6-8 months.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair loss can occur for many different reasons, from hormone disorder to seasonal cycles, from vitamin deficiency to genetic predisposition. In adults, up to 100 strands of hair fall out during the day is normal, while more than this can cause baldness.

Especially regional thinning causes people to feel bad and aesthetically poor appearance. Although there are different drug treatments to prevent this problem, it takes a long time to fully recover. But thanks to hair transplantation, final and permanent results are achieved in a short time. Nadal, a celebrity, had a hair transplant and got natural-looking hair. By planting on the top of the durable hair follicles taken from the back of the neck, the hair is concentrated, and the thinned areas are closed.

After collecting hair roots, channels are opened in the areas where the transplant will be performed, and hair roots are added to these channels, provided that they are at a certain depth. Then, thanks to these durable roots, hair loss slows down, new, and healthy hair begins to come out.

Hair transplantation, which is a permanent and definitive solution, can be done to many people because it is an easy operation. Although there may be conditions that prevent this treatment, it can be said that many people who experience hair loss are suitable for the treatment. Especially with the development of technology, people can experience a painless hair transplantation experience thanks to changing hair transplantation techniques.

How Is Hair Transplantation Performed?

As with Nadal’s hair transplant surgery, 3 different stages can be mentioned in hair transplantation. These are the processes of collecting hair follicles, opening channels, and planting hair. Different techniques are used when collecting hair grafts. According to the technique, the hair roots are collected either in bulk or individually. If there is no durable hair follicle in the nape area, durable hair follicles are sought in different parts of the body.

Hair transplantation is not performed if the donor area is not found anywhere in the patient, because hair transplantation needs to use the person's own hair follicles. For the transplantation of hair follicles collected according to the size of hair loss. It should be noted that the bleeding is controlled when opening the channels.

Besides, placing hair follicles in these channels that open is also a procedure that needs to be done with care. Adjusting their depth correctly will affect the appearance and elongation of the hair in the future. Because of all this, hair transplantation should be done by experts and experienced people in the field. Hair follicles placed in opened channels allow natural and durable hair to come out.

Hair Transplantation Treatment Process

Nadal has not played tennis for 15 days after having a hair transplant. As can be seen from here, the first 15 days after hair transplantation are very important. If we describe the process of hair transplantation treatment from the beginning, an image occurs as if the hair was scrapped at the end of the operation. After that, the planted hair begins to fall out, and this period is called the period of shock loss.

During this period, which is a normal condition, the hair falls out too much and new healthy hair comes out in its place. The goal is not to replace shed hair, but also to get healthy hair to prevent loss. In hair transplantation, the treatment process ends with the hair coming out after hair loss. But it may take up to 1 year for the hair to come out completely.

What Techniques Are Used in Hair Transplantation?

Basically, two different methods are used in hair transplantation, especially in the collection of hair roots. These are FUT and FUE techniques. As with Nadal's hair transplant operation, the FUE technique is more used today. Although the FUT technique is an old technique, it is not preferred because it leaves traces in the patient donor area. In this technique, an incision is opened on the back of the head so that the hair follicles can be removed in bulk, and the skin where the healthy hair follicles are located is cut and removed.

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Both leaving scars and applying the incision process cause patients not to prefer this technique. But in the FUE technique, the hair roots are collected one by one and do not leave traces, since the incision is not applied. Currently, patients and doctors prefer the FUE technique most.

The only drawback of the FUE technique is that it takes a long time due to the roots being collected one by one. Hair follicles can be removed at once in the FUT technique, but it can take hours to be removed using the FUE technique. But the important thing is not to leave traces and get healthy hair. Hair transplantation is an easy and painless operation. It is done using anesthetic creams and the patient feels no pain. The only thing to note is that the transplanted area should be protected from any physical contact for at least 15 days.