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Small Breast Augmentation Surgery

Small Breast Augmentation Surgery
Small Breast Augmentation Surgery

For women, there is no doubt that plastic surgery has great importance. In addition to plastic surgery operations performed due to health problems, there are also operations performed for enhancing the aesthetic look. Breast augmentation surgery is one of the operations that women most often prefer today. Especially for women with small breasts and who are uncomfortable with this appearance, this surgery is the best solution. Today, with the emerging medical technologies with breast augmentation surgery has become extremely easy. Women with small breasts can have any sized breasts in a short time thanks to this method.

To have breast augmentation surgeries, the person must meet certain criteria. Age limit and general health are the top of these conditions. Appearance is an important phenomenon for women. One of the methods that women resort to due to undesired appearance that causes a lack of self-confidence is small breast augmentation surgery. If the person's general health condition is good and there is no obstacle medically, in this case, this procedure can be performed simply and quickly and small breasts can be reached to the desired size in a short time. Many different methods can be used in this operation. The method to be used is determined according to the preferences and general health condition of the person.


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What Is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

As can be understood from the name, breast augmentation surgeries are aesthetic procedures performed to give volume to small breasts or to give an aesthetic shape to small breasts with disfigurement. For these purposes, aesthetic interventions can be made on small breasts with fat taken from the person's own body or with silicone prosthetics. It is usually one of the aesthetic operations preferred by women without a health problem but who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their breasts. Although the breasts do not attract attention at first, it is the area that directly affects the physical appearance. Therefore, people who are uncomfortable with their small breasts often resort to this procedure to change their appearance and feel better.

Breast augmentation surgeries, which increase breast volume by injecting fat in a person's own body into small breasts, are also a procedure that can be performed with silicone prostheses. Since these silicone prostheses are made from substances that do not harm the body, they do not cause any harm to health. Therefore, although a person's own body fat cannot be taken to give volume to the breasts, the operation performed with silicone prostheses is also a product that shows durability for many years. Currently, breast augmentation surgery with silicone implants has often been the preferred method.

How Are Breast Augmentation Surgeries Performed?

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most preferred plastic surgeries by women who are uncomfortable and complain about their small breasts. Women who want to have this operation are also very interested in the question of how breast augmentation surgery is performed. Breast augmentation surgery is an operation performed by giving the person general anesthesia in an operating room environment. This process takes about 2-3 hours on average. Breast augmentation surgery is a single operation, but also a breast lift operation can be performed in people who have problems with nipple asymmetry within this operation.

Another answer to the question of how breast augmentation surgery is performed is the method used. This surgery can be done with a person's own adipose tissue, as well as with a silicone prosthesis. In breasts that are beautiful in shape but have a small volume, a person's own adipose tissue is usually used. A sufficient amount of adipose tissue is drawn from the person's abdomen and abdomen with special cannulas. The resulting adipose tissue is cleaned and purified after becoming sterile. After this procedure, fat tissue is injected back into the breast using special cannulas. 

Breast Augmentation V-Point Method

There are many methods used in breast augmentation surgery, which of these methods to use is determined by the person's health condition. The V point is one of the methods of breast augmentation surgery, which are very often preferred by specialist surgeons and produce excellent results. Although it is an effective method among breast augmentation surgeries, it also offers an aesthetic appearance to the breasts. Therefore, surgery specialists often prefer the V-point method due to the ideal image it offers after surgery.

If the V-Point method is to be applied, different applications are made to each patient before breast augmentation surgery. Because of each patient's health status, breast aesthetics and expectations are different. In this way, depending on the person's breast, breast tissue, and muscle tissue, the most appropriate and personalized V-Point application is made. 

At What Age Can Breast Augmentation Surgery Be Performed?

Many questions are being asked today about breast augmentation surgery. In addition to details such as the price of breast augmentation surgery, those who want to have this operation are also interested in the age limit for this operation. It is not possible for people who will have this operation if they do not meet the legal age limit requirement. Breast augmentation is the most common type of breast augmentation surgery.

The age requirement for breast augmentation surgeries is 18 years. For a person to have breast augmentation surgery, they must be at least 18 years old. But in some cases, it can be a condition that prevents a person from undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Before surgery, all examinations are carried out by a specialist doctor to determine whether the person is suitable for surgery. If there are no obstacles in the general health of the person, the operation is started by planning. At this stage, it is also useful to talk to a specialist doctor about details such as the necessary conditions of breast augmentation surgery.

How Is the Healing Process After Breast Surgery?

The healing process after breast augmentation surgery, which is one of the most popular plastic surgeries of recent periods, is also extremely important. In this process, the methods applied by the person can shorten the healing process and vice versa. After breast augmentation surgeries, they are often discharged on the next day. It is very important to rest by supporting the torso in a high position with a pillow for a week after surgery. In addition, it is important to use the prescribed drugs regularly and without interruption.

During the breast augmentation surgery healing process, it is necessary not to use medications that are not prescribed by the surgeon. Otherwise, some medications can cause bleeding and therefore delay the healing process. For this reason, after surgery, only the doctor's recommendations and prescriptions should be followed by the process. As a result, the healing process will progress faster.