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Unshaved Hair Transplant

Unshaved Hair Transplant in Turkey
Unshaved Hair Transplant in Turkey

Damage and loss of hair due to genetic or different reasons is a condition that is frequently encountered and especially men suffer. Therefore, one of the most needed aesthetic operations is hair transplantation. There are many types of hair transplant procedure, one of which is unshaven hair transplantation. This method is the hair transplantation procedure with an operation called FUE without scraping the hair.

Unshaved hair transplantation method is frequently preferred because it is more practical, especially in recent years. So how exactly is this method applied and what are its advantages? Let's take a closer look.


What is Unshaved Hair Transplantation?

What is Unshaved Hair Transplant
What is Unshaved Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation methods are generally different versions of the FUE method, which is the basis of hair transplantation. The unshaved hair transplant method is an up-to-date hair transplant operation developed to prevent scraping of the hair. Hair after unshaved hair transplantation will have a more natural appearance. However, the main reason why this method is preferred frequently is that people return to their normal lives earlier after the operation.

In unshaved hair transplantation, the hair is not given to the number 3. For this reason, this method is in great demand. The hair is cut from the donor area in a small part and the transplant is performed. In the hair transplant procedure, the hair is usually cut short and it takes a while to wait for the hair to grow during the healing process. For this reason, unshaven hair transplantation is an ideal operation for those who want to do hair transplantation without shaving their hair.


How to do hair transplantation?

The unshaved hair transplant procedure consists of certain steps. At the beginning of these steps, the first step is to grow the hair sufficiently. Hair that grows in the desired amount hides the donor area from which the hair follicle is taken, and as a result, an aesthetically pleasing appearance occurs. After the hair grows to the desired size, the donor area where the hair follicles will be taken is determined. This area should be selected correctly so that the hair grows out strong. Then, hair follicles from the designated donor area begin to be collected one by one.

The hair follicles collected in the second stage are prepared for transplantation. The roots cleaned for planting are placed one by one in the area where the planting will be made, without any cutting process, with the integrated method and the operation ends with it. Unshaved hair transplantation method requires great care and attention as the roots are taken one by one and placed one by one in the area to be transplanted. It is a very long operation compared to shaved hair transplantation. However, its most important feature is that it enables patients to return to their social lives earlier than other operations. In addition, in this method, hair follicles can be transplanted more frequently to the area to be transplanted.


What are the Advantages of Unshaved Hair Transplantation?

The most important feature of unshaved hair transplantation is that it does not require any shaving, as evident from its name. Unlike shaved hair transplantation, the donor area is not shaved completely in this method and offers a more natural appearance compared to the shaved method. Therefore, it is preferred more by patients.

One of the prominent features of unshaved hair transplantation is that there is no need for channel opening as in other hair operations. The hair follicles are transplanted one by one by means of the choi implant pen, thus obtaining a natural appearance and transplanting the hair follicles more frequently. In addition, redness, crusting and wounds in the donor area do not attract attention.

In addition to all these, the recovery process of unshaven hair transplantation is also very fast. In normal hair transplantation, the donor area with the hair is taken and the hairs are extracted one by one by the surgeon. In the unshaved method, the roots are taken one by one and a more frequent appearance is obtained by transplanting the hair one by one in the direction of growth. As mentioned above, the reason why this method is most preferred is that patients return to their normal lives in a short time.


What are the Difficulties of Unshaved Hair Transplantation?

Although unshaved hair transplantation has advantages within the scope of FUE hair transplantation, it also has some difficulties. We can list these difficulties as follows;

• In this method, the operation time is longer than the others.

• Its price is higher than other applications. For those who want to return to social life in a short time, you can pay more because more effective procedures are applied.

• The team carrying out the transaction must be reliable and professional. It is essential to seek professional help, as extra difficulties may arise from time to time.

• You must be patient if you want to perform this procedure. Because unshaven hair transplantation, which we mentioned above, takes more time than other hair transplantation methods.


Unshaved Hair Transplant Prices

Unshaved hair transplant prices require more fees than other methods. The main reason for this is that more effort and time is spent. For this reason, pricing is higher in unshaved haircuts than others. Therefore, you should thoroughly research the place you prefer for unshaved hair transplantation and choose accordingly. In addition, the most important factor determining the price of this transplantation method is that the hair is not cut. Thus, the transplanted patient continues his social life in a short time.

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Who Can Have Unshaved Hair Transplantation?

Unshaved hair transplantation is generally preferred by women and those who want to continue their social life in a short time. Women prefer this method in order to avoid a bad appearance and haircut during the hair transplantation process.

In addition;

• Those with less thin hair,

• People with long hair,

• In the tightening process,

• It is preferred for light regional spills.

In short, the basis of the process is based on long hair. Thus, the incision opened at the neck for transplantation is concealed with long hair and the hair transplantation process is never known. Thus, long hair camouflages the narrow transplant area.

If you want to learn more about the unshaved hair transplant technique, which is applied meticulously by experts at Remedy Istanbul and has achieved successful results, you can contact us.

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