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When Does Hair Loss Start in Men?

When Hair Loss Start?
When Hair Loss Start?

Hair loss is one of the major problems that both men and women have experienced from time to time. The self-confidence of people who lick hair loss is also damaged. In this case, it is necessary to find a solution for hair loss. The causes of hair loss can be both genetic and external factors. Hair loss is more common, especially in men. The most common cause of hair loss in men is due to genetic factors.

Hair loss in men is genetically inherited from mother, father, and relatives. In this case, some measures can be taken for hair loss, and hair transplantation can be performed for hair loss that has occurred. These choices are entirely up to the individual. However, the most effective solution for hair loss in men will be hair transplantation. Correct hair care is required for hair strands that weaken and fall out over time due to external factors. In this way, hair loss will be prevented easily. Strengthening the hair strands is very important for hair loss. Hair strands weaken over time and begin to break off from the roots.

Over time, hair strands will grow back instead of hair strands, but more unhealthy and weak strands will come out. In this case, the hair strands will fall out again and a balding condition will occur over time. The most effective way to prevent this situation in men will be to make hair care regularly.

However, since hair loss in men often develops due to genetic factors, these hair care techniques may not work. In this case, it would be correct to apply the hair transplantation technique for the balding condition and the areas where the hair strands become sparse. In this way, the self-confidence of individuals who have healthy and strong hair strands will also increase.

At What Age Does Hair Loss Start?

Hair loss in men is more common than in women. This hair loss problem experienced by men generally develops due to energetic factors. If we consider at what age hair loss begins, hair loss in men generally occurs in their 20s. The name of this hair loss in men is called male pattern hair loss.

Although the problem of hair loss experienced by men generally begins around their 20s, 60 percent of men experience hair loss in their 30s. Although this hair loss usually develops due to aging, it can also occur due to genetic predispositions.

 Hair loss occurs in 40% of men after the age of 30. This is usually a hair loss problem that cannot be solved with hair care. Men who are faced with this situation should have a hair transplant. The only solution to hair loss after these ages is hair transplantation.

The type of hair loss that occurs in most men and affects men psychologically is known as male pattern hair loss. Male pattern hair loss occurs in 25 percent of men before the age of 25. In 40% of men, this hair loss problem occurs before age 40.

In 50 percent of men, this male pattern hair loss problem occurs before the age of 50. Although hair loss in men is due to many different reasons, it can usually be caused by hormones. In addition, hair loss in men is seen very much genetically. Moreover, this hair loss can even go down to the 20s. The most effective way to prevent hair loss in men is to receive treatment in this regard.


What to Do to Prevent Hair Loss?

Hair loss in men is a general problem that occurs at any age. Moreover, hair loss in men can occur even at a very early age. In this case, it is of great importance to take precautions when hair loss is just beginning. However, this alone is not enough. Men need to deeply care for their hair. When faced with the problem of hair loss at a very early age, individuals need to take action.

First of all, it is necessary to make sure that the right hair care products are used. To achieve this, men who have hair loss problems need to know their hair types first. The reason for this is that hair care products are produced specifically for each hair type. Caring for extra hair follicles and hair strands is as important as taking care of hair according to hair type. Massaging the hair follicles and applying massage greatly affects and reduces the problem of hair loss in men. In addition, protecting the hair strands against external factors prevents the problem of hair loss.

Hairstyling products used by men in daily life are very damaging to the hair and accelerate hair loss. For this reason, men who have hair loss problems should stay away from these products. However, since hair loss in men is generally related to genetic factors, hair transplantation will be an easier and more effective solution.

Moreover, hair transplantation can be done easily and in a short time. The best solution to the problem of hair loss in men is again hair transplantation. There are many hair transplantation methods for men's hair loss problems. These treatment methods vary according to the person's hair type and hair loss rate.

How to do hair transplantation? What are the methods?

The most effective method for the problem of hair loss in men is hair transplantation. The biggest question in the minds of men who have hair loss problems and want to have hair transplantation is the question of how hair transplantation is done. For hair transplantation, hair analyzes are performed.

The reason for this is that hair type is very important for hair transplantation. As a result of the analyzes and examinations, the area where hair transplantation will be performed is determined. At the same time, the sparseness of the hair in the area where hair transplantation is required is also discussed. Afterward, the surgeon who will perform the hair transplant determines the line of the area where the hair transplant will be performed.

The determined area to be transplanted is drawn. Hair transplantation is performed in a short time with local anesthesia. It is also a very safe process. Hair transplantation is the solution to the problem of hair loss, which most men resort to and get great results.

In addition, there are many hair transplantation methods for the hair transplantation process to be applied. The hair transplantation method in which hair transplantation is performed by taking samples from healthy hair follicles is the FUT method. Another hair transplant method is FUE hair transplant. It is known as a painless and scarless hair transplant.

It is also made by taking samples from hair follicles. One of the hair transplantation methods is the DHI hair transplantation method. This hair transplant is also known as the Choi-pen method. Apart from this, there is also a sapphire hair transplant method.

Sapphire hair transplantation is achieved by opening channels to the hair follicles with the substance obtained from the element sapphire. It is a very effective method for hair loss problems. For this reason, men who have hair loss problems generally prefer this hair transplant method. However, it is more expensive than other hair transplantation methods.


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